[REVIEW A-Z] All you need to know about Film training program

Film is a popular field of study that attracts millions of students annually. This attraction comes from the explosion of TV channels and social networking platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook… However, sometimes liking is not enough; it is essential to understand the work’s nature and personal capacity to enter the film industry. This article will summarize all the must-know information about the Film for an overview.

[REVIEW A-Z] All you need to know about Film training program

Millions of young movie lovers have strong attractions to Film

What is a Film training program?

The film industry is one of the leading commercial industries in our country and the world. The improved quality of life means that the spiritual needs also increase. The film industry has constantly improved the quality of each movie to respond to that demand and be successful as it is now. We can easily see that the quality of film nowadays has been enhanced in many aspects, from the form to the content and the human value of each movie’s story.

Specifically, the film industry combines many small fields such as cinematography, editing, directing, screenwriting, and more. Over the years, the film industry has significantly changed in ideological and technical aspects. Therefore, the requirements to enter the film industry have been growing, and human resources work in the industry must be more innovative and creative.

Lĩnh vực điện ảnh bao gồm nhiều lĩnh vực nhỏ- quy trình để xây dựng bên bộ phim hoàn chỉnh.

The film industry includes many subfields and processes to build a complete movie.

The influence of the film is unquestionable, for a movie may influence to determine a destiny or be an inspiration for someone. It is also why the film has become a unique and unimpeachable industry.

What are the career prospects after Film graduation?

Film is related to art; therefore, those with talent and passion for movies needless to worry about being unemployed. Graduates can find artistic career paths across many industries with a bachelor’s degree in Film.

Below are some of the film industry’s hottest career options; students can choose the most suitable career.

● Director: is considered the brain and responsible for cinematic work’s visual and artistic direction. To become a talented director, learners need to have leadership, teamwork skills, and the ability to work under pressure.

● Screenwriter: is responsible for creating the dialogue, characters, and storyline. The screenwriter is different from the novelist; the audience can not read the screenwriter’s works directly like novels but through the film. To be a screenwriter, students must have rich imaginations, art, history, cultural knowledge, and a strong passion for literature and novels.

● Cinematographer: is probably the least “picky” job in the film industry. However, the role of the cameraman is critical. Cinematographers are responsible for shifting the audience’s view in the film to create a psychological and emotional effect on the audience to make a movie more lively, immersive, and engaging. To become a professional videographer, learners only need to have an undying passion for it; they can learn other things during their 04 years of university.

Learners can pursue their passions after Film graduation.

Moreover, you can refer to many other jobs in the film industry, such as technician in charge of light and sound, montage, manufacturing, advertising the movie… Those with financial capability can also have another reasonable choice: opening entertainment companies.

Which school is good for Film training?

Due to the film industry’s appeal, it is not too difficult to find a school that offers a Film training program. So the question arises: “Where is the best place to learn Film, and which one suits me best?”.

Some “hot” schools offering film training programs are Ho Chi Minh City Academy of Theater and Cinema, Hoa Sen University, and Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema,.. However, students must identify and consider 03 factors to find the best suitable school: training quality, learning environment, and career prospects after graduation. One of the few schools that meet these 03 standards is Hoa Sen University, where students can develop their best in 04 years of university.

Hoa Sen University has a Film training program in international standardization.

Film students at Hoa Sen University can experience an international standard curriculum and a team of quality lecturers working in the film industry and have recognized films in domestic and international markets.

Students make at least 05 film projects during their studies. Then they choose their specializations through production classes, advanced skills training courses, and personal branding and image-building courses. They can also enjoy their studies in a dynamic and creative learning environment. Some Film subjects that students should not ignore at Hoa Sen University are: Introduction to screenwriting, acting, cinematography, introduction to the visual and audio language, cinematography, and psychology…

In the first 02 years, students practice through creative positions in the film crew: screenwriter, director, cinematographer, editor, and producer. From the third year, students choose professional positions through production classes, advanced skills training courses, and personal branding and image-building courses. Students are also exposed to practice various types of movies, documentaries, experimental films, and other audio-visual media types.

We hope you have more information about the Film training program and the film industry. If you are passionate about this field of study, be confident to apply for admission immediately. As long as you are serious with your passion, success will surely come your way.