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HSU exchanges and works to promote cooperation in the field of Intellectual Property

January 18, 2021

On January 14, 2021, after receiving an invitation from the HSU Faculty of Law, the Institute of Intellectual Property Science (VIPRI) under the Ministry of Science and Technology had a working session with Hoa Sen University (HSU). within the framework of understanding and promoting intellectual property cooperation opportunities in universities.

Attending the meeting, from the Institute of Intellectual Property Science, there were Dr. Ta Quang Minh, Director and MSc. Bui Tien Quyet – Head of Representative Office in City. HCM, Head of Training and Information Department. Welcoming the delegation, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Dien – Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Law welcomed representatives of VIPRI and welcomed the opportunity to cooperate between HSU and VIPRI on intellectual property.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Dien – Principal of Hoa Sen University, cum dean of the Faculty of Law (3rd, from left) in a meeting with the Institute of Intellectual Property Science.

In the content of the meeting, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Dien committed to the coordination between HSU Faculty of Law and VIPRI in organizing high-quality topics and scientific seminars on intellectual property and ensuring enforcement, Comply with regulations and rules on intellectual property. On VIPRI’s side, Dr. Ta Quang Minh, President of VIPRI, also committed to providing HSU in general and the Faculty of Law in particular with special support as a strategic partner through short-term training courses on own intellectual property, accept internship students from the Faculty of Law on intellectual property topics and related fields.

Dr. Ta Quang Minh, Director of the Institute of Intellectual Property Sciences (wearing a gray vest).

The meeting ended successfully, opening up many new cooperation plans. This is also the premise for signing a comprehensive cooperation agreement (MOU) between the school and the Institute, to improve the training quality of the Law Faculty in particular and the school in general.

Intellectual property is a topic of particular interest recently, along with Vietnam joining the international playing field in the era of globalization integration and the 4.0 digital technology era. In particular, intellectual property along with intellectual property law is also an in-depth content taught in two specialties of the Faculty of Law: Digital Business Law and International Trade Law to contribute to improving capacity Leader of the future Bachelor of Laws team.

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