Hoa Sen University

Lecturer – Staff

Nguyen Thi Loan, Ph.D
Dean of Social Science and Law Faculty, Liberal Education Program Director , Director of Institute of Psychological Research, Consultancy and Counseling
  • Academic Degree: Doctor of clinical psychology
  • Field: Clinical psychology, psychotherapy, CBT, EMDR, MCBT,…
  • Email: loan.nguyenthi@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Lecture subject: Theory and Techniques of Psychological Counseling; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Work experience: 12 years of teaching Psychology
Duong Ngoc Dung, Ph.D
Philosophy Program Director
  • Academic Degree: Doctorate
  • Field: Religious Studies & Philosophy
  • Email: dung.duongngoc@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Subjects taught: (about) philosophy, religion, international relations, culture
Bruce B. Svare, Dr.
Psychology Program Advisor
Nguyen Hong An, M.Sc
    • Academic Degree: Master of Science in Psychology
    • Field: Counseling & Psychotherapy, qualitative research, older people, Well-being, history/philosophy of psychology, health psychology, social psychology, CBT
    • Email: an.nguyenhong@hoasen.edu.vn
    • Subjects taught: Personality Theory, Counseling Theory and Techniques, History of Psychology
    • Construction:

    Nguyen Minh Anh, Nguyen Hong An, Le Tran Hoang Duy, Vu Thuy Linh, & Luong Tu Quynh. (two thousand and thirteen). Experimenting with group activities – Effective method of selecting human resources. In Proceedings of the conference “Applications of Psychology and Education in Developed Society”.

    Nguyen Hong An, Le Tran Hoang Duy, Pham Van Sy, & Nguyen Hoang Anh Vu. (2015). Conflict resolution trends in students and related factors,  Journal of Practical Medicine.

    Nguyen, HA (2018). Daily  experience and psychological wellbeing of older people in Vietnam  (Unpublished master’s thesis). Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

    Pham, T., Nguyen, H.A., Loan, N., Phan, T., & Le, T. (2019). The Relationship Between Gender Discrimination versus Job Satisfaction and Mental Health of Vietnamese Workers.  Hanoi: International Labor Organization.

    Sirikantraporn, S., Nguyen, H.A., Le, H (2020). Teaching Psychology in Vietnam. In Rich, G.J., et al. (Eds.), Teaching psychology around the world: Volume 5 (384-399). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    Researchgate Profile:  https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hong_An_Nguyen3

    Work experience: Extensive experience in counseling and therapy at schools, hospitals, social facilities with many subjects: children, adults, subjects of violence,…

    Training in applied psychology for schools, organizations and businesses

    Academic level:

    Received a Master’s degree at Massey University, New Zealand

Bui Nguyen Han, M.Sc
    • Academic Degree: MSc in Philosophy (PhD student in Sociology)
    • Field: Philosophy, Sociology, Cultural Studies
    • Email: han.buinguyen@hoasen.edu.vn
    • Lecture subjects: Vietnamese culture, Chinese culture, History of Chinese philosophy, Relationship management…

    A. Research topic:

    1. Bui Nguyen Han (2010), Exploiting folk cultural heritage in Tung Luat Village, Vinh Giang, Vinh Linh, Quang Tri in tourism activities. School level project (Project leader), School of Tourism – Hue University
    2. Bui Nguyen Han (2012), Phenomenology and its presence in current Vietnamese Literature. Hue University level project (Project member)
    3. Bui Nguyen Han (2016), Understanding the geo-cultural identity of Hue pagodas to serve tourism activities in Thua Thien Hue. School level project (Project leader), School of Tourism – Hue University

    B. Books and scientific articles

    1. Nguyen Tien Dung, Bui Nguyen Han, Nguyen Hoang Tue Quang (2016) Cultural Studies Textbook, Hue University Publishing House
    2. Bui Nguyen Han (2016), Vietnam-Japan cultural contact: Impressions through Japanese literary works translated in Vietnam before 1975. Today’s Teaching and Learning Magazine, No. 5
    3. Bui Nguyen Han (2016), Looking back on the journey of Vietnamese-French cultural interaction from 1862-1945. Teaching and Learning Today Magazine, No. 8
    4. Bui Nguyen Han, Le Thi Kim Oanh (2017), Shades of Japanese culture through the novel Imperial Capital by Yasunari Kawabata. Journal of Social Science Information – Institute of Social Science Information. number 419
    5. Bui Nguyen Han, Le Thi Kim Oanh (2017), Awareness and necessary skills of lecturers to preserve and promote Vietnamese cultural identity in a multicultural teaching environment in the 21st century. Education Magazine – Ministry of Education and Training No. 419.
    6. Bui Nguyen Han (2017), Discussing some topics of cultural studies in the context of globalization to serve cultural research and teaching at the Faculty of Tourism – Hue University. Teaching and Learning Today Magazine, no. 6.
    Work experience:

    2009-2021: Lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism, School of Tourism – Hue University

    2021: Lecturer, Department of Philosophy – Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Hoa Sen University

    Academic level:

    1999-2003: Bachelor of Philosophy, University of Sciences – Hue

    2012-1015: Master of Philosophy, Liaoning University – China

    2018- present: Doctoral student: Sociology, Central China Normal University – China

Nguyen Thi Tinh, Ph.D
    • Academic Degree: Doctorate
    • Field: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language and Culture, Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese for foreigners
    • Email: Tinh.nguyenthi@hoasen.edu.vn
    • Lecture subject: Communication skills; Introduction to PPNC; University study methods

    A. Scientific articles

    1. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2019), The Vietnamese word knowledge of foreign learners (International Conference “The 6th Annual International Conference of the Asian Association for Language Assessment, October 16-18, 2019, Hanoi, Co-Author)

    2. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2017), Learn some linguistic expressions in wedding ceremonies of Southern people expressed through the desire to harmonize fate (International Conference “Modern linguistic trends and research” Language Research in Vietnam”, April 22, 2017, Hanoi)

    3. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2015), Communication language in weddings of Southern people through some ceremonies and rituals, Science Magazine, No. 10 (76)

    4. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2015), Learn some types of congratulations in weddings of Southern people, Language and Life Magazine, No. 4 (234)

    5. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2012), Understanding the communication language in weddings of Vietnamese and Korean people (International Conference – Proceedings of the 2012 Vietnam – Korea International Scientific Conference “Royal Uncle Ly Long Tuong and the relationship” Vietnam – Korea cooperative relationship from past to present”; written with master Lee Yoon Hee, Ho Chi Minh City)

    6. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2011), Some comments on the host’s speech at a wedding party in Ho Chi Minh City (National Linguistics Conference 2011 – yearbook of TCNN & DS, Can Tho)

    7. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2010), Understanding congratulatory and giving rituals in communication language at wedding ceremonies in Ho Chi Minh City (National scientific conference “Developing and preserving the purity of Vietnamese language in the current period of international integration” – Journal of Foreign Languages, Information Technology and Education, Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages ​​and Information Technology, No. 15 (29) August 2010, Ho Chi Minh City)

    8. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2010), Understanding invitation and thanking rituals in communication language at wedding ceremonies in Ho Chi Minh City (1st HUFLIT young lecturers scientific conference, April 17 /2010)

    B. Books and textbooks (co-authored)

    1. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2018, 2016), Vietnamese Writing Curriculum for high school students, Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City (Vol. 1, 2, 3), Funded by the Korean Ministry of Education, Printed and circulated at Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City

    2. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2018, 2016), Vietnamese Reading Comprehension Curriculum for high school students, Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City (Vol. 1, 2, 3), Funded by the Korean Ministry of Education, Printed and circulated at Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City

    3. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2015, 2013), Vietnamese textbook for middle school students, Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City (Vol. 1, 2, 3), Funded by the Korean Ministry of Education, Print and circulated at Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City

    4. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2012), Basic Vietnamese Vocabulary, Moonyealim Publishing House, Korea

    5. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2011), Dictionary of Korean – Vietnamese – English Business Terms, Mil & Bil Partners Publishing House, Korea

    6. Nguyen Thi Tinh (2009), Commercial Vietnamese, Moonyealim Publishing House, Korea

    Work experience:
    • August 2020 – present: Lecturer, Department of Liberal Education, Hoa Sen University
    • 2007 – July 2020: Lecturer, Faculty of Oriental Languages ​​and Cultures, University of Foreign Languages ​​and Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City
    • February 2006 – January 2019: Vietnamese lecturer, Korean International School, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 2004 – 2006: Lecturer, Department of Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese for Foreigners, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 2001 – 2003: Expert, Party Committee – Board of Directors, Hue University
    Academic level:
    • 2016: Doctor of Linguistic Theory
    • 2011: Master of Linguistics
    • 2001: Bachelor of English Education
    • 2000: Bachelor of Science in Sino-Vietnamese
Doan Thi Ngoc, M.Sc
      • Academic Degree: MSc. Social Work and MSc. English (TESOL)
      • Field: Social Work, English Teaching, Gender & Gender Equality, Community Development, Aging Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication Skills, Academic Writing and Reading Skills, and Literature Anglo-American culture
      • Email: ngoc.doanthi@hoasen.edu.vn
      • Subjects taught: Lecturer, Coordinator of Intercultural Communication (VIE & ENG), Gender and Development (VIE & ENG) and Introductory Social Work
      • Founder of Gender Talk Vietnam https://gendertalkviet.blogspot.com


      • Wrote two books: One co-authored and one edited
      • Wrote more than 100 academic articles on Gender and Gender Equality and Social Work, both in English and Written.
      • Translated more than 70 specialized articles on Gender and Gender Equality into Vietnamese.

      Refer to Scientific Background  here .

Nguyen Minh Thanh, M.Sc
    • Academic degree: Master of Developmental Psychology (PhD student in Clinical Psychology) 
    • Field (expertise): Developmental Psychology; Educational psychology; Family psychology
    • Email: thanh.nguyenminh@hoasen.edu.vn
    • Subjects taught: Psychology: Concepts and Applications; Behavioral Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Psychology Test; Research Methods in Psychology.

    Work experience:

    2021 — Present: Lecturer of Psychology – Hoa Sen University

    2018 — Present: Academic advisor for HEARY – Positive Education in Vietnam

    Academic level:

    2017 – 2020: Master of Science [MSc] Developmental and Educational Psychology – Guizhou Normal University, China

    2009 – 2013: Bachelor of Educational Management – ​​Academy of Educational Management


    • Thanh, N. M. , Anh, MTQ, Tu Anh Ha. (2022). The influence of children’s behavior problems on parents’ psychological well-being: A serial mediation model of parental psychological control and parental burnout. Children and Youth Services Review.
    • Nguyen, T. M ., Xiao, X., Xiong, S., Guo, C., & Cheng, G. (2020). Effects of parental educational involvement on classroom peer status among Chinese primary school students: A moderated mediation model of psychological Suzhi and family sociometric status. Children and Youth Services Review, 111, 104881
    • Nguyen, T. M ., Bui, TTH, Xiao, X., & Le, VH (2020). The Influence of Self-Compassion on Mindful Parenting: A Mediation Model of Gratitude. The Family Journal.
    • Nguyen, T. M ., & Le, GNH (2021). The influence of COVID-19 stress on psychological well-being among Vietnamese adults: The role of self-compassion and gratitude. Traumatology.
    • Nguyen Hong An., Vo. City Hong., Tran. City Thao., Le. N. Thao., Nguyen. M. Khue., Tran. TT Phuong., Nguyen Minh Thanh . (2021). Parental burnout reduces primary students’ academic outcomes: A multi-mediator model of mindful parenting and parental behavioral control. The Family Journal.
    • Long Nu, Xiao Xingxue, Ruan Mingcheng , Shi Mengwei (2020). The Relationship Between Adolescents’ Psychological Suzhi and Peer Acceptance: on the Mediating Effects of Academic Achievement. Journal of Xingyi Normal University for Nationalities, 2020 (1), p70-74 (in Chinese).
    • Niu Juan, Ruan Mingcheng , Zhou Yijia (2019). The relationship between the psychological Suzhi, subjective social status, and depression of middle school students and their changing development patterns. Abstracts of the 22nd National Conference on Psychology (in Chinese).
    • Xiao Xingxue, Zhang Wen, Ruan Mingcheng , Huang Yun, Cheng Gang (2019). The influence of the high school student’s agreeableness on the trajectory of changes in their anxiety. An analysis based on the latent variable growth model. The 22nd National Psychology Abstracts of academic conferences (in Chinese).
    • Nguyen Minh Khue; Nguyen Hong An; Vo Tan Phuong Hong; Tran Thi Truc Phuong; Nguyen Minh Thanh . (2021). Classroom Peer Status as a Mediator of the Relationship between Behavior Problems and Academic Outcomes among Primary Students. Conference: Identification, assessment, and intervention for children with specific learning disorders in school context.
    • Le, NHG, Tran, V., Ha, T.A., & Nguyen, M. T . (forthcoming). Writing Stories to Understand How to Raise Vietnamese Children with Toys as Gendered. In Y. Xu, D. Bhana, & V. Adriany (Eds.), Gendered and sexual norms in Global South early childhood education: Understanding normative discourses in post-colonial contexts. Routledge Publisher.
    • Thanh, M. N. , Hang, LTD, Giang, NHL (forthcoming). Self-compassion and Parenting. In James J. Carmona (Eds.), The Importance of Self-efficacy and Self-compassion. Nova Science Publisher.
Nguyen Hoang Tuan, MA
    • Academic Degree: Master, PhD student
    • Field: Geography, Natural resources and environmental management
    • Email: tuan.nguyenhoang@hoasen.edu.vn
    • Lecture subject: Humans and the environment; Building green communities; Cities and urban life; Earth science; Socio-ecological transformation; Economy, culture and society of Southeast Asian countries.
    • Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Truong Thanh Cang. (2018). Analyze rainfall change trends in the context of climate change using Mann – Kendall and Theil-Sen analysis. Case study of Ninh Thuan province. The 11th Scientific Conference of the University of Natural Sciences – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Truong Thanh Canh, Tran Nguyen Cam Lai, Nguyen Hoang Tuan (2016). Evaluation of the conflict arising from the use of land resources in the process of urbanization in Da Nang City. Science & Technology Development Journal, VNU – Ho Chi Minh City, 18, 166-177. (ISSN: 1859-0128) (Vietnamese)
    • Bui Duc Sinh, Vo Thi Nga, Vo Tran Hai Linh, and Nguyen Hoang Tuan (2016). Stakeholder model application in tourism development in Cat Tien, Lam Dong. Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 1, 73-95. (ISSN: 2579-8480) (English)
    Work experience:

    2013 – present: Lecturer at Hoa Sen University.

    Academic level:

    2016 – present: Doctoral student at University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University-HCM.
    2008-2011: Graduated with a master’s degree from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education
    2004- 2008: Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Can Tho University

    Short-term courses from organizations

    • UNICEF: Specialized Module on Children and Climate Change 2018
    • UN-Habitat: Specialized Module on Cities and Climate Change 2018
    • World Health Organization:Specialized Module on Human Health and Climate Change 2018
    • E-Course on Climate Change 2018
    • World Bank Group: Cities and Climate Change Leadership 2018

    Intensive training courses
    Training on integrating socio-ecological transformation in educational programs
    Organizers: Center for Development of Community and Environmental Initiatives and Rosa Luxemburg Institute held
    in Hanoi and Ninh Binh.

    Promoting socio-ecological transformation integrating ecological lifestyles and movements into
    university innovation approaches from theory to practice
    Organizer: Center for Development of Community and Environmental Initiatives and the Rosa Luxemburg Institute organized in Thua Thien Hue province.

    Obstacles to development in Vietnam’s highlands today: challenges for ethnic minorities.
    Organizer: Institute of Ethnology and Harvard-Yenching Institute held in Hanoi and Hoa Binh.

    Training on GIS application in forest resource monitoring
    Organizer: Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, Can Tho University

    Social change and urbanization in contemporary rural Vietnam
    Organizer: Institute of Ethnology and Harvard-Yenching Institute held in Hanoi and Bac Ninh

    Renewable energy and energy efficiency for civil society organizations.
    Organizer: Green ID Vietnam and the Independent Institute for Environmental Affairs (UfU) – Federal Republic of

    Introducing ArcGIS Pro
    Organizer: Esri Vietnam and Quy Nhon University

    Training on Service-Learning for Universities in Vietnam
    Organizer: Action Center for Urban Development (ACCD) and Irish Aid

    Training trainers on risk and disaster management and climate change for small and medium enterprises.
    Organizer: SMEDEC 2 – Ministry of Science and Technology and Asia Foundation.

Edward Hockings, Ph.D
  • Qualification: B.A, M.A, Ph.D
  • Specialisation: Philosophy, bioethics, international relations, political theory, sociology
  • Subjects teaching: Critical Thinking, Professional Ethics, Philosophy
  • Work experience:

+ 2021 – present: – Lecturer in Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Hoa Sen University                       

–  Founder-director EthicsAndGenetics.org

+ 2020-2021: – Visiting Lecturer in Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Faculty of Economics and Business, Hoa SenUniversity   

– Instructor in International Relations, NCUK International Foundational Year Programme.

+ 2018-2019: Social Science and Cultural Studies Instructor, American Councils

+ 2012–2015: Lecturer in Philosophy, Political Science, and Globalisation Studies, University of the West of Scotland

  • Education:

2017: PhD in philosophy, University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom.

2010: MA in Law, Politics and Philosophy, School of Law, King’s College London, United Kingdom.

2007: BA in Philosophy, Sussex University, United Kingdom

  • Publications:

Hockings, E., 2022. The new social contract for genomics. The New Bioethics. Taylor and Francis. (in English)

Hockings, E., 2016. A critical examination of policy-developments in information governance and the biosciences. In The ethics of biomedical big data (pp. 95-115). Springer (in English)

Hockings, E., 2016. Ethics and Genetics. Personalized Medicine, 13(5), pp.419-422. (in English)

Pirrie, A. and Hockings, E., 2012. Poverty, educational attainment and achievement in Scotland: a critical review of the literature. (in English)

Other publications:

Hockings, E., 2019, Genomic sequencing, a brave new world, British Medical Journal, Opinion.

Hockings, E., 2017. Google could soon get access to genetic patient data. Daily Mail.

Hockings, E. and Coyne, L., 2016. The Government seem more interested in our genes than our voices. The Guardian.

Hockings, E. and Coyne, L., 2015. Privacy and the 100,000 Genome Project. The Guardian.

Hockings, E., 2014. Why we should opt out of the government’s new patient database. The Guardian.


Do Thi Thanh Thuy
Lecturer (study abroad)
  • Academic title, degree:
  • Field: Gender, Gender, and Women’s Studies
  • Email: thuy.dothithanh@hoasen.edu.vn
Dao Duy Tan, LLM
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Email: tan.daoduy@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Subjects taught: General Law, Labor Law & Social Insurance, Economic Law, Constitutional Law, Business Law, Business Law and Ethics, Political System and Tourism Legal Documents
Nguyen Hoai Nam, Ph.D
Economic Law Program Director
  • Academic Degree: Doctorate
  • Email: nam.nguyenhoai@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Subjects taught: General law; Administrative Law and Administrative Procedures; Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure; Labor law; Criminology; Political system and legal documents related to tourism; Skills in building and drafting legal documents.
  • Construction:
  • 1. Head of 01 Grassroots level science project.
    2. Secretary of 01 ministerial-level scientific project; Participate as a main member in 04 ministerial-level scientific projects; Member of 01 Provincial-level scientific project.
    3. Participate in compiling 01 textbook and 03 sets of lectures.
    4. Editor of 01 monograph; 01 reference book and 01 collection document.
    5. Author of 04 articles published in People’s Police Magazine; 09 articles published in the Journal of Security Science and Education and 15 articles in the Proceedings of scientific conferences at all levels.
  • Work experience:
  • July 2007 – January 2017: Teacher of People’s Security University;
  • January 2017: Appointed Deputy Head of the Faculty of State Management of Security and Order – People’s Security University
  • December 2023 to present: Program Director of Economic Law Program – Hoa Sen University
Tran Ngoc Nha Tran, LLM
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Email: tran.tranngocnha@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Subjects taught: Civil Law, Labor Law, Law on goods and services, Introduction to Jurisprudence.
  • Experience: member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association. Used to work in human resources and legal work at a number of businesses such as MB Bank, Vietravel, Vingroup.
Vuong Nguyen Toan Thien, M.Sc
Psychology Deputy Program Director
  • Academic Degree: Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Email: thien.vnguyentoan@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Major: Clinical Psychology; Systemic – Family Therapy; Art therapy; Psychological assessment test; Palliative Care
  • Subjects taught: Psychopathology; Consulting and therapy techniques; Psychological Evaluation
Nguyen Truong Thanh Hai, Ph.D
  • Academic Degree: Graduated with PhD in Biostatistics – Neuroscience.
  • Email: hai.nguyentruongthanh@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Field: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Data Statistics, Neurofeedback, EEG.
  • Lecture subjects: neurobiology, health psychology, research methods
Duong Hoang Oanh, Ph.D
Political Theory Program Director
  • Academic title – Degree: Doctorate
  • Email: oanh.duonghoang@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Field: Political economy
  • Lecture subjects: Marx-Lenin political economy, Marx-Lenin philosophy. Socialism Science


A. Books

Duong Hoang Oanh (2007), Lessons learned from economic reform in China. Publisher.Thanh Nien

B. Scientific Articles

  1. Duong Hoang Oanh (2010), Innovating the teaching method of political theory at universities. Number
  2. Saigon University Magazine.
  3. Duong Hoang Oanh (2010), Career value orientation of university students. No. 3. Saigon University Magazine.
Nguyen Thi Diep, MA
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Email: diep.nguyenthi@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Field: Philosophy
  • Subjects taught: Marxist-Leninist philosophy, Marxist-Leninist political economy
  • Subject coordination: Marxist-Leninist philosophy
  • Scientific research: Essay on University of Health Sciences magazine and “the value of the Communist Party’s manifesto” by the National Academy of Public Administration, Region 2
Pham Thi Ngoc Anh, MA
  • Academic title – Degree: Master of Philosophy
  • Email: anh.phamthingoc@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Subjects taught:
  • Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
  • Marxist-Leninist Political Economy
  • Science socialism
  • Aesthetics
  • Experience:
  • More than 18 years of experience in the field of education using a variety of teaching techniques such as videos and practical illustrations to help students clearly understand the problem.
  • Experience in life in the economic field: with my own experiences in business activities. Thereby helping me develop communication and negotiation skills and develop good relationships with customers and business partners.
  • From the above experiences, it can help me in conveying knowledge to students in a way that is easier to understand and closer to reality.
Nguyen Minh Quang, MA
  • Academic Degree: Master (NCS)
  • Email: quang.nguyenminh@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Fields: Politics, History of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Cultural heritage, Philosophy
  • Lecture subjects: History of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Marxist-Leninist philosophy
  • KH project:
  1. Nguyen Minh Quang (2022). Efficiency improvement of cultural historical relic management of Tran Bien temple of literature, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai for tourism development.
  2. Nguyen Minh Quang (2023). Developing Tourism to Enhance the Quality of Life – A look at the Preservation and Development of Historical Monuments in Dong Nai Province.
Huynh Thi Bich Van, MA
Nguyen Truong Ngoc, Ph.D
  • Academic Degree: PhD
  • Email: ngoc.nguyentruong@hoasen.edu.vn
  • Field: Economic Law, research on “Product Liability Regulations”.
  • Scientific works:

1/ General issues about Manufacturers’ Product Liability in Vietnam today. Industry and Trade Magazine March 2018 issue. Number 0866 -7756.

2/ Current situation and solutions to improve and perfect the legal regulations on product liability of manufacturers in Vietnam today. Industry and Trade Magazine April 2018 issue. Number 0866 -7756.

Psychology Program Director, President of Institute of Psychological Research, Consultancy and Counseling
  • Academic Degree: Professor
  • Field: Behavioral therapy (CBT), extensive experience in training, practice, and research.
  • Email: armin.kuhr@hoasen.edu.vn
Pham Thi Kim Mai, MA
Lecturer; Specialists of Institute of Psychological Research, Consultancy, and Conselling
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Field: social work, practical social work.
  • Email: mai.phamthikim@hoasen.edu.vn
Pham Ngoc Gia Bao, LLM
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Field: Economic Law
  • Email: bao.phamngocgia@hoasen.edu.vn
Ho Thi Trinh, MA
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Field: Tư tưởng Ho Chi Minh
  • Email: trinh.hothi@hoasen.edu.vn
Trinh Duy Thuyen, Ph.D
Law Program Director
  • Academic title – Degree: Ph.D
  • Field: Law
  • Email: thuyen.trinhduy@hoasen.edu.vn
Pham Duong Hoang Phuc, LLM
  • Academic title – Degree: Master
  • Field: Law
  • Email: phuc.duonghoangpham@hoasen.edu.vn
Hoang Van Chi, Ph.D
  • Academic title – Degree: Ph.D
  • Field: Psychology – Education
  • Email: chi.hoangvan@hoasen.edu.vn
Nguyen Da Thu, Ph.D
  • Academic title – Degree: Ph.D
  • Email: thu.nguyenda@hoasen.edu.vn
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