Hoa Sen University


General introduction

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities was separated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages ​​on June 24, 2021, according to decision No. 1288/QD-NS dated June 24, 2021, of the Acting Principal of the University Hoa Sen includes 03 departments: the Department of Liberal Education, the Department of Psychology, the Department of Philosophy, and 01 center: Center for Psychological Research and Consulting.

Liberal Education Program

As society becomes more diverse, students will meet and work with many people from many cultures and with very different backgrounds. At Hoa Sen University, the slogan “Respect differences” with the philosophy of liberal education has always been our motto since the school’s founding. The Faculty of Social Sciences, with its presence in the Department of Liberal Arts, is responsible for promoting this philosophy and imparting a well-rounded education to students. We equip students with the tools to become competent workers in a dynamic and rapidly changing international environment, by offering them exciting subjects, such as Gender and development, Music appreciation, Critical thinking, Intercultural communication, People, and Environment,… to help them expand their knowledge, practice soft skills and be adaptable fast.

Psychology Program

The Department of Psychology at Hoa Sen University provides students with the most up-to-date knowledge with the companionship of international consultants. We cooperate with both domestic and foreign partners to equip students with the most practical and applicable knowledge. In addition to training students and providing consulting services to faculty and staff, the Department of Psychology also has a community-oriented program through the Center for Psychological Counseling. The center is located right in the city center and is easily accessible to people with disabilities), providing psychological consultation services, mental health assessment, development consulting, organizing training courses, and Training for individuals and groups. With the increasing social demand for psychological counseling services in Vietnam, this major is becoming an attractive choice for domestic students.

Philosophy Program

In addition to retracing the philosophy ecosystem with its original value of loving wisdom to continue conveying the quintessence of traditional and modern East-West philosophical knowledge, the Department of Philosophy also aims to apply philosophy and Community Philosophy to meet the practical needs of society. In the future, the Department of Philosophy will accompany businesses and entrepreneurs to create cultural philosophies and business philosophies with endemic and universal values ​​to integrate into the globalization trend.

Economic Law Program

With a vision and future orientation in the 4.0 digital technology era, pioneering the first school in Vietnam to establish an Economic Law major with a specialization in  Economic Law. In the current context of the country’s development, with the development of technology as the market is gradually appearing more technology companies, online payments, and mobile app applications, the study of Law Economics promises to bring a new future to the development of the Vietnamese legal system; Hoa Sen students will be the pioneers and leaders of the future when they understand – recognize – apply knowledge to work and promote social development.

Law Program

Hoa Sen University’s Law Department aims to train bachelors with solid theoretical knowledge about the state and law, the legal system, and strong skills in resolving disputes arising in civil legal relations. civil affairs, labor, business-commerce, criminal,… With the motto “real learning, real doing”, the Law industry always focuses on cooperation and connection with businesses and reputable law firms such as Vietnam Energy Inspection Joint Stock Company EIC, DES Law Company, Tinh Tu EPLegal Law Company, LP Group, ASL Law Company, Lien Viet Law Company, Dong Nai Provincial Bar Association,… create opportunities Cooperation association for students in education, training, and scientific research.

Besides, with the trend of integration and development, Hoa Sen University’s Law program also adds training in International Law and subjects completely taught in English. Grasping and equipping yourself with all the necessary knowledge about domestic and foreign law is extremely important and is of particular concern in the context of globalization.

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