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Gender-Based Analysis (Gender+) and Human Rights-Based Analysis
September 7, 2021 Gender-Based Analysis Plus Approach (GBA+) & Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) On September 4, 2021, the Institute for Innovation and Development Studies invited Mr. Slava (Veaceslav) Balan, PhD student at, the University of Ottawa Law School to present the topic of   Gender-Based Analysis Methods (Gender +) and Human Rights-Based Analytical Methods.   Gender-based analytics plus (GBA+) is the analysis of specific data, actions, or habits in a discrete manner (by some reason/groups in addition to gender (gender +) – age, race, people with disabilities, etc. – to identify actual or potential impacts on groups of women and men (negative, positive or...
“Gender Equality in Companies – Gender washing”: Seven types of questionable marketing about women’s empowerment
September 9, 2021 Author: Dr Rosie Teacher of Cardiff University Translator: Doan Thi Ngoc – Teacher of Hoa Sen University At a time when there is so much focus on how women are held back and treated unfairly, corporations spend millions telling us what they are doing to empower women and young people. younger sister. When doing this they seem to be more friendly with women but in reality, it is different, it is called or roughly translated as “Gender Laundry“. Gender Laundry comes in many different forms and some forms may be more visible than others. To help identify or point out...
Sex education can counter what kids learn from porn, but some teachers fear backlash for tackling ‘risky’ topics
October 1, 2021 Author: Sharon O’Mara – Ph.D. Candidate in Crime, Justice, and Legal Studies, La Trobe University Kirsty Duncanson – Senior Lecturer in Crime, Justice, and Legal Studies, La Trobe University Translator: Doan Thi Ngoc – Teacher, Hoa Sen University (HSU) Thousands of women have come forward with stories of sexual harassment at private school parties in a petition recently launched by Chanel Contos calling for better sex education in schools, especially when teaching more about consent during sex. Following the March 4 Justice protest demanding better treatment of women in the workplace, in schools, and society, several male students from Melbourne’s private Wesley College came...
What is sex – What is sex?
October 1, 2021 Author: Doan Thi Ngoc – Teacher, Hoa Sen University (HSU)   Sex (biological sex)  and gender (social sex or gender) are sometimes used together as gender, although in reality, these two concepts have many different meanings. This article clearly states what the concept of gender is and what are the basic characteristics of gender.  What is gender? Sex is the biological difference between men and women. In nature, men have a penis and testicles, and women have a clitoris and ovaries. Put another way, gender refers to a set of biological attributes in humans and animals. It is mainly concerned with physical and physiological...
Andrew Laming: Why Empathy Training Doesn’t Work
October 1, 2021 Author: Sue Williamson, Senior Lecturer, Human Resource Management, UNSW Canberra,  UNSW Translator:  Phan Thi Dong Hoai – Teacher of Hoa Sen University (HSU) When members of the Federal Parliament were repeatedly accused of harassment and abuse, one of the responses from our most senior leaders was empathy training. These programs aim to help people understand the worldview of others. Over the weekend, Prime Minister Scott Morrison ordered currently accused Federal MP Andrew Laming to undertake a private course in empathy. Morrison told reporters I hope that […] will notice a positive change in his behavior. The move follows Laming’s apology for harassing two...
To achieve gender equality, we must first tackle prejudice
October 4, 2021 Author: PhD. Beatrice Alba  –  La Trobe University Translator:  Doan Thi Ngoc  – Teacher of Hoa Sen University  It is often assumed that most Western societies have achieved gender equality because women have all the same legal rights as men and sex discrimination in the workplace is illegal. However, feminists continue to argue that the battle for gender equality is not yet won. So what is gender equality? And how and when do we know we have achieved gender equality? What evidence is there for gender equality? Evidence from many years of psychological research shows that bias against women and girls is widespread. For example,...


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