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MCBT Class’s Independence Palace Field Trip Experience: “CONNECT WITH YOUR WORLD”

Classroom experience is no longer limited to school and classroom spaces. Department of Psychology, Hoa Sen University, and Dr. Nguyen Thi Loan have created the best conditions for students to combine knowledge learned in class and practical experience. This way, students can feel more clearly and honestly about abstract theories through personal experiences and feelings during this short trip.

The goal of the tour is to help students connect with themselves as well as the world around them. From there, our students seek concentration, focus completely on breathing as well, and note their own emotions through activities such as Visiting the Independence Palace, Meditation, Yoga, and Art Therapy. 

And more specifically, people will not use electronic devices during the tour to provide the most “mindful” experience.

Maybe because it was the first time participating in a class full of practical experiences, people encountered many difficulties in the first hours of the visit. The surprise, the crowding, and the “burning” heat of Saigon seemed to have increased the difficulty of our class’s trip to “Dinh Tam” that day. Luckily, the students always supported and cooperated throughout class activities, creating a class session that brought many emotions to each student. Words like “excited, excited, sleepy,…” at the beginning are replaced by “uncomfortable, frustrated, resigned, proud, comfortable, tired,…” in the middle of the tour and at the end with “joy, happiness, gratitude, relaxation, peace,..”.

Sincere thanks to the Department of Psychology and Dr. Nguyen Thi Loan, because of her enthusiasm and love, brought a class full of interesting experiences for students.

Author: Hue Y

Image: The An

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