Hoa Sen University


August 15, 2022

Ms. Nguyen Phan Bao Khuyen: “People working in the field of law must have the ability, bravery, and commitment to the profession”

Ms. Nguyen Phan Bao Khuyen, currently an Expert in the Legal Policy Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Federation, also thought that the Law industry was dry, so she chose to study Administration at the National Academy of Public Administration. But when she went to work in practice and witnessed workers suffering a lot of disadvantages because they did not know about the law, she thought, and decided to bring legal regulations to workers with practical stories, and she has directly participated in consulting on labor law to workers who need support to regain their legitimate, and legal rights.

Not for the sake of personal profit, what she aims for is to create the value of truth and the right to be protected when workers trust her, ask her for advice, and receive satisfactory solutions. Just received the feedback “I’m so lucky, I received it, I’m so happy”, and “I thank you very much for helping me negotiate with the business and share during difficult times”… then Her happiness burst.

Currently, Ms. Khuyen is a Collective Labor Agreement Expert at the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. She places strong faith in the young generation, with ideal ambitions for a good life, including students of the Faculty of Law – Hoa Sen University: “We will become “collaborators” in the future for a decent profession, which is the profession of “protecting righteousness and truth”.

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