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Hoa Sen University demonstrates the proactiveness of the private sector, and at the same time upholds the spirit of a humane university in its vision, mission, its training, research, and service. The mission of the school is to provide learners with extensive knowledge, to train them to be creative and ready to accept challenges, to have the necessary professional experience to start a business, and the ability to affirm their position by being different and outstanding.

Le Thi Phuong Lan - Alumni of English
Talent Scholarship - An university valedictorian in 2021
In the 38th Commencement Ceremony, on behalf of 1,500 students, the new valedictorian, Le Thi Phuong Lan, delivered an impressive speech and commitment. Besides inspiring, with the pride in being “Hoa Sen University students” and also with the university’s pride in students, Lan’s speech truly touched hearts, evoking sweet memories of the youth. Lan’s talk was shared on Hoa Sen University’s fanpage with more than thousands of shares, comments, compliments and wishes to the young valedictorian. Phuong Lan’s resonating speech is avaiblable at https://bit.ly/3w6aAe5.
Khoa Lo - Alumni of Fashion Design
A valedictorian in Fashion Design, A designer for many misses in international beauty contests

A profile of young, talented designer with great achievements. Khoa Lo used to be a valedictorian in Fashion Design at Hoa Sen University. While in class, he has shaped his own style, possessing extremely impressive outfits with bold personality colors. Khoa Lo became popular when his work arts, “Ken em,” honorly became the national costume for Miss Khanh Van in her international contest. As a motto ” Diversity Embrace” at HSU, being different is the premise for you to break through and achieve success.

Le Thi Ngoc Thao - Student of Business Administration
Elite Scholarship holders in 4 consecutive years

As an excellent student to receive Elite scholarships in 4 consecutive years at Hoa Sen University, Ngoc Thao felt special in her fourth award thanks to her dad’s accompany. Ngoc Thao is a senior in Business Adminstration of Hoa Sen University. In the Academic Year 2022-2023, Ngoc Thao was granted the 4th Elite scholarship for her excellence in study.

Huynh Gia Diem - Student of Event Management
Gold Lotus Award; A student with 5 Merits in the Academic Year 2021-2022

A sophomore in Event Management represents younger generations at Hoa Sen University with diversity, characteristics, talents, passion to move forward and conquer new things. For Gia Diem, regardless of how many times she has done, she always focuses on what she has chosen.

Nguyen Quang Khai - Student of Software Engineering
Sen Hong Award

Quang Khai was awarded with a Pink Lotus Award and honored in the Sen’s Kindness, Sen’s Dynamicity, Sen’s Bravery of Sen’s Awards, prizes for outstanding students in 2021. This is a big motivation and encouragement for him from academic to social areas.

Truong Thi My Linh - Student of Hospitality
Winner of 5 Sen Awards 2021

With excellent performance in academics and various extra-curriculum activities and events, Truong Thi My Linh, a junior, won 5 awards. She is a junior in Hospitality. In 2021, even though the pandemic was spread, My Linh actively participated in actitivities, especially voluntary events in Ho Chi Minh City. Recalling the memory, My Linh shared, “My job was to assist the vaccination team to input data. My friends and I distributed gifts and neccessities to people. The most mermorable moment is that I volunteered without being vaccinated. As worried as I was, I felt blessed to be able to help others. Luckily, I was not infected.”

Ly Hong Lam - Student of Media Production and Management
Sen's Impressiveness at Sen Awards in 2021

Making herself known through different community projects such as “Stop I’m A Child,” “Be Confident Be You,” Ly Hong Lam, a student of Media Production and Management, has excellently won the Sen’s Impressiveness at Sen Awards in 2021.

Pham Nguyen Phuong Anh - Alumni of Information Technology
Talented Music Producer

Pham Nguyen Phuong Anh, an Information Technology engineer, with a strong passion for music, has shared, “E-music in Vietnam has ignored Dubstep. We can enjoy Dubstep in parties, but nobody makes any new Dubstep. Those I know no longer do any Dubstep. Only BeeBB, Double Noize, DBaola and I seem to be the last ones. I always have a ambitious desire to do something to revive a community of music lovers to grow again. From 2012 to now, in general, as long as I’m breathing, I’m still doing Dubstep.”

Nguyen Phuong Mai - Student of Media Production and Management
Talent Award

On Jan 13, 2021, Hoa Sen University organized Sen Awards Ceremony for outstanding students in academics, reasearch and extra-currculum activities. Nguyen Phuong Mai along with her father went more than 200km from Hau Giang province to Ho Chi Minh City to attend the ceremony.

Thai Ngoc Tran Chau - Student of Human Resources Management
Vigor Award - Student with 5 merit

Thai Tran Ngoc Chau is always among volunteer teams of different programs. This junior of Human Resources Managment has spent her life going around with voluntary work.

Tin Thai - Alumni of Fashion Design
A valedictorian of Fashion Design, a designer of many misses in international beauty contest

Tin Thai is a young talented designer who creatively designs fashion based on traditional, cutural materials. With the combination of new and old, Tin Thai has confirmed his own profile. Not only does his work carry the arts value, but also the history-culture.

Pham Hoang An - Student of Media Production and Management
Sen's Excellence at Sen Awards 2021

Earning direct entry to 05 universities as of his excellent academic performance, Pham Hoang An, a student of Media Production and Management, after 01 gap year, chose Hoa Sen University to pursue his higher education.

Nguyen Minh Duc - Alumni of Fashion Design
A valedictorian of Fashion Design

Nguyen Minh Duc, a valedictorian of Fashion Design, a founder/creative director of Duc Studio, made a strong impression on his collection “”Real”” as his graduation project. “”Everyone has his/her ego within him/herself and sometimes it wins,”” Minh Duc shared.
Nguyen Minh Duc is always obsessed with human rights, equality for LGBTQ+. Body shaming and family violence is still happening, which should have been stopped.

Nguyen Quang Tri - New Student of English
Talent Award

Nguyen Quang Tri, a new student of K22 English, has completely won the Admissions Council of Hoa Sen University with his devotion on Taekwondo at his young age. With his outstanding talents and contribution to sports, he is a holder of Talent Award equivalent to 340.000.000 dong.

Pham Nguyen Hoai Thuong - New Student of Fashion Design
Winner of Future Designers

In “”Future Designers 2022″”, Pham Nguyen HoaiThuong won the first prize impressively with her “”Metamorphosis.”” It is designed with computer technology and 3D software application. This is the future of digital fashion in the industry.

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