Hoa Sen University


On December 26, 2020 at hall 903 of Hoa Sen University, a workshop session named Song Cai Distillery” of the I-Bartender contest took place. During the journey, in addition to the competition rounds, there are always workshops to supplement skills and knowledge for the candidates.

The Workshop with the sharing of Mr. Daniel Nguyen Hoai Tien – Founder, CEO of Song Cai Distillery, the contestants and students updated with the latest specialized knowledge, specifically about the ingredients and herbs used in the workshop. used in food, beverage and “confidential” about orientation in developing a sustainable Bartender career.

In addition to sharing knowledge, you also learn about mixing skills and how to make the most popular cocktails in the Bartender world. In addition, you are also guided to understand the taste and trends of potential customers when making a “spiritual drink”.

The Workshop took place successfully thanks to the support from the Faculty of Tourism as well as the companionship of sponsors. Candidates not only at Hoa Sen University but also at schools in Ho Chi Minh City have brought an atmosphere of passion and enthusiasm to the profession they are pursuing.

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