Vision & Mission


The Faculty of Hospitality (FOH) aims at becoming one of the most successful tourism and hospitality schools in Vietnam in preparing its future students for international hospitality and tourism career with a fast-tracked path to managerial positions and by a certain visionary quality of the future entrepreneurs.


To provide students with transferable skills and knowledge to become global citizens and to create conditions for intellectual, social, cultural, and personal transformation, in support of the university’s mission.

Students from FOH are also trained to be ethical people, responsible for themselves, their families and society. Students study and work not only for themselves but also for the development of society and the country.

Core values

– Transparency & Integrity to ensure the quality of teaching, learning, and research.

– Accountability: compliance with regulations, adherence to professional norms, and recognition of high-performance results (results-driven).

– Connectivity: to enhance professional, technological and social connection and to be well connected with trending curriculum both from professional practice and international academia. Strategy

– Possessing strategies for human resource development, training quality, research, and academic learning environment.

– Developing FOH to be a top training and professional development center in Vietnam on applied Hospitality, Restaurant, Travel Management, Events, and Sport Economics, accredited by AUN-QA.

– Networking intensively with professional associations, multi-disciplinary combination of specialization in an innovative approach to adapt to any emerging imperative of travel and hospitality business.


The philosophy of FOH is multi-disciplinary, liberal, and multicultural education. The following diagram illustrates The Organizational Structure of FOH.

The curriculum of the Faculty of Hospitality Emphasizes the creativity of the learners. Faculty of Tourism encourages learners to actively participate in competitions, scientific research programs, and community subjects (Service Learning) to promote students’ knowledge development while serving and improving the quality of society.

During the study process, the Faculty of Hospitality always supports learners in terms of tuition fees, morale, introducing internships and workplaces after graduation in order to give students the best opportunities in learning and work.

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