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Vision & Mission
The curriculum of the Faculty of Tourism Emphasizes the creativity of the learners. Faculty of Tourism encourages learners to actively participate in competitions, scientific research programs, and community subjects (Service Learning) to promote students’ knowledge development while serving and improving the quality of society. During the study process, the Faculty of Tourism always supports learners in terms of tuition fees, morale, introducing internships and workplaces after graduation in order to give students the best opportunities in learning and work.
About Faculty of Tourism
Being aware of the importance and the strong development of the Tourism – Hotel – Restaurant industry group. The Faculty of Tourism at– Hoa Sen University (formerly the Faculty of Languages and Cultures) was established to provide a reliable training environment for parents and students. The Faculty of Tourism also anticipates the rapid evolution of the hospitality industry, which is occurring rapidly in Vietnam and throughout the world. The Faculty of Tourism is committed to providing high quality training programs with lecturers who are professionally trained abroad, have extensive hands-on experience and in-depth industry knowledge, are highly qualified and are...
Organization of Faculty of Tourism
Head of Faculty of Tourism: Truong Thi Hong Minh (PhD)———————————————————–Vice Dean in charge of Administration and Corporate Relations: Lam Thi Thanh Van (MSc)———————————————————–Travel & Tourism Management Program:– Program Director: Le Hoang Phuong Linh (MBA) Hotel Management Program:– Program Director: Vong Chanh Kieu (MBA) Restaurant Management Program:– Program Director: Vo Thi Nga (PhD) Events and Sports Economics Management Program:– Program Director: Le Au Ngan Anh (MSc) Vatel International Program:– Program Director: Phu Truong Thang (MBA)Academic Assistant: Le Thuy Doan TrangCorporate Relations Officer & Intern Coordinator: Nguyen Hoang Bao Kim Hoa Sen Elite Program:– Program Director: Ngo Tuyet Diem Khanh (MSc)Academic Assistant:...