About Faculty of Hospitality

Being aware of the importance and the strong development of the Hospitality – Hotel – Restaurant – Tourism – Event industry group. The Faculty of Hospitality at– Hoa Sen University (formerly the Faculty of Languages and Cultures) was established to provide a reliable training environment for parents and students. The Faculty of Hospitality also anticipates the rapid evolution of the hospitality industry, which is occurring rapidly in Vietnam and throughout the world.

The Faculty of Hospitality is committed to providing high quality training programs with lecturers who are professionally trained abroad, have extensive hands-on experience and in-depth industry knowledge, are highly qualified and are constantly developing and updating the trends of the times.

The Faculty places a high priority on student experience. As part of its development strategy, students of the Faculty can study and experience in a modern environment of state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to national standards. By working closely with lecturers, students will be given the opportunity to directly experience and organize programs at City and National levels. In addition to classroom sessions, students of the Faculty can participate in industry seminars from reputable experts and speakers, providing and supplementing comprehensive skills.

With the mission of training a generation of professional and skilled students right at the school, students of the Faculty of Tourism can participate in training from their first year and experience and improve their skills with Cognitive Internship and Graduation Internship at renowned travel and tourism enterprises, domestic and foreign hotel and restaurant systems with 4-5 star standards.

The Faculty of Hospitality is committed to being an incubator for generations of talented and creative students, contributing to providing and complementing senior management personnel and effectively operating all business activities in a multinational environment, with the tourism – hotel – restaurant industry group has been and will continue to be, strongly developed.

Considering the shifting trend of the service industry group that is taking place strongly in Vietnam and around the world, we continuously train students with the opportunity to be ready to integrate into an international environment with the ability to communicate effectively and attractively along with training programs that are always updated with practice such as:

With a liberal, comprehensive and multicultural education philosophy, associated with fast-evolving global trends. We are committed to developing an academic environment enriched with real-life experiences, aiming to connect students with career opportunities in the Tourism – Hospitality – Restaurant – Event industry in Vietnam and around the world. gender. Faculty’s students are developed in an environment with rich experiences, enhanced interdisciplinary interaction and rapid connections that emphasizes the outside world.

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