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Welcome to the Faculty of Hospitality, Hoa Sen University!

Anticipating the strong development trend of the service industry both domestically and internationally, the Faculty of Hospitality at HSU equips its students with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, hands-on experience, and proficient language communication abilities, ready to integrate into the global environment. This is also a source of pride for the Faculty of Hospitality as many students have been working at 5-star restaurants and hotels since their second year and have been selected for internships in the United States.

The Faculty of Hospitality is committed to providing high-quality training programs with lecturers who are professionally trained abroad, who have extensive hands-on experience and in-depth industry knowledge, are highly qualified and are constantly developing and updating the trends of the times.

The Faculty places a high priority on student experience. As part of its development strategy, students of the Faculty of Hospitality can study and experience learning in a modern environment of state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to national standards. By working closely with lecturers, students will be given the opportunity to directly experience and organize programs at city and national levels. In addition to classroom sessions, students of the Faculty can participate in industry seminars from reputable experts and speakers, providing and supplementing comprehensive skills.

Students practice hotel reception operations.
Students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience at InterContinental Saigon.

With the mission of training a generation of professional and skilled students right at the school, students of the Faculty of Hospitality can participate in training from their first year and experience and improve their skills with Work Experience Internship and Graduation Internship at renowned travel and tourism enterprises, domestic and foreign hotel and restaurant systems with 4-5 star standards.

Students in the Hotel Management program – Hoa Sen Elite program experience housekeeping operations.

Currently, the Faculty of Hospitality at HSU offers 5 programs: Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management and the Hoa Sen Elite Program in Restaurant and Hotel Management, Event Management. These programs promise to bring forth talented generations of students, contributing to the effective management and operation of businesses.

Particularly, we have established partnerships with numerous prominent businesses both domestically and internationally, ensuring that all students gain practical experience and professional internships throughout their academic journey, leading to stable employment opportunities upon graduation. Notable partners include InterContinental Saigon – Danang -Nhatrang, Rex Hotel Saigon, Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon, Park Hyatt Saigon, TST Tourist, Viettravel, and many others.

With a liberal, comprehensive, and multicultural education philosophy that is associated with fast-evolving global trends. We are committed to developing an academic environment enriched with real-life experiences, aiming to connect students with career opportunities in the Tourism – Hospitality – Restaurant – Event industry in Vietnam and around the world gender. Faculty’s students are developed in an environment with rich experiences, enhanced interdisciplinary interaction and rapid connections that emphasize the outside world.

The management team of Grand Hyatt Hotel interviewed students for internships in the United States.
The students have the opportunity to visit real 5-star hotels.

At the Faculty of Hospitality Hoa Sen University, students are given the freedom to embody an entrepreneurial spirit through various competitions and projects organized by themselves. The student projects at the Faculty have made waves, such as The Future Chef, I – Hotelier, I – Bartender, Baristation, and Em mo. Particularly noteworthy is that many students have taken ownership of projects and established businesses while still in school. Moreover, the Faculty regularly organizes entertainment activities, volunteer initiatives, orientation events, and end-of-year gatherings to provide students with opportunities to showcase their youthful energy and strengthen the bond between faculty, staff, and students.

The Future Chef Contest set a Guinness Vietnam record.
The award ceremony for the I – Hotelier competition in 2022 took place at the New World Hotel.
The program “Christmas for You” is part of the “Dream 2” project
The portrait of the champion of the I – Bartender 2021 competition.

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