Which school to study Sports Economics? What are the methods of admission for Sports Economics?

If you are looking for a training program that satisfies your passion for sports and your love for economics, you should not miss a very new and attractive major: Sports Economics. Sports economics is a new field of study in Vietnam, and not many universities have offered it. Hoa Sen University is one of the few schools with Sports Economics training programs. This training program has attracted the attention of a large number of students. Let’s learn more about this field of study!

What are the methods of admission for Sports Economics at Hoa Sen University?

Hoa Sen University officially enrolled the Sports Economics in 2021. The program offers basic knowledge for those with economic management mindsets in sports.

To enroll in the Sports Economics at Hoa Sen University, students can choose from the following methods: Admission based on the results of the high school exam in 2022; Admission based on the results of high school transcripts; Admission based on specific conditions according to industry requirements and admission based on the results of the competency assessment examination of Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City held in 2022.

Sports Economics attracts a lot of attention from students

What is unique about Sports Economics?

The Rector of Hoa Sen Universit – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy has shared: “Sports Economics at Hoa Sen University is the first and only major about sports training at the bachelor’s level. The training programs provide learners with knowledge and skills in management and business of modern sports. Besides, the programs train learners to practice professional attitudes to meet working requirements in sports economics-related fields such as sports business management, health care, media management, and sports marketing.”

Ngành kinh tế học thể thao đang nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm của các thí sinh
Sports Economics to debut at HoaSen University in May 2021

Sports Economics at HoaSen University has 03 specializations:

● Management of sports businesses

● Healthcare Management

● Media Management and Sports Marketing

The Sports Economics programs at HoaSen University will provide students with sufficient knowledge, skills, and professional abilities to understand modern sports’ organizational structure and operation and know how to operate and manage in the sports economy area. Additionally, students will learn to apply skills related to management, marketing, finance, and economics in sports business, do business planning, and manage sports activity models.

What are the job opportunities for graduates of Hoa Sen University majoring in Sports Economics?

Hoa Sen University is a world-class university with top training quality. Some of the privileges of Hoa Sen students are: learning in a dynamic environment, being fully equipped with modern facilities, experiencing vivid student life, receiving enthusiastic support from the faculty’s staff, and having great job opportunities after graduation. Those are also why Hoa Sen University has become a trusted place for parents and students every year.

With a training period of 3.5 years, graduates of the Bachelor of Sports Economics at Hoa Sen University can work at government agencies, enterprises providing sports and sports services, schools, universities, sports centers, and sports clubs.

Graduates of sports economics have great job opportunities

Despite being a new branch of knowledge, Sports Economics is expected to be a trendy and potential field for development in the future. Are you ready to catch the trend? Be bold and confident in pursuing your passion, and success will follow you. Hoa Sen University will accompany you on the path to success!