What is Financial Technology? What is the best Financial Technology school?

Nowadays, technology is evolving rapidly, enabling the breakthrough strides of the financial technology industry (Fintech industry). It attracts many students’ attention during the enrollment seasons. So what is Financial Technology? What is the best school to study Financial Technology? What are the job opportunities in Financial Technology? Let’s join us to learn from A to Z about this potential field of study and find out the top universities to study Financial Technology.

Công nghệ tài chính là ngành gì? Ra trường làm gì?

What is Financial Technology? What are the job opportunities after graduation?

1. What is Financial Technology?

Financial Technology (Fintech) combines two factors: technology and finance. Fintech is a relatively new field that focuses on using technology to create or improve the efficiency of products and services in the financial sector. It helps serve the needs of the market better and contributes to the development of the economy.

The development of technology in banking and financial activities is associated with the birth and application of blockchain technology (Blockchain), artificial intelligence (AI), data visualization, big data analysis, and other technologies. These technologies play an essential role in the innovation of the financial services industry.

Ngành công nghệ tài chính được hiểu đơn giản là ứng dụng công nghệ để tạo mới hoặc cải thiện sản phẩm dịch vụ trong lĩnh vực tài chính

In simple terms, Financial Technology is applying technology to create or improve the delivery and use of financial services.

Fintech study program supplies students with basic knowledge of economics, finance – banking, sciences, and social sciences in the digital era. Students also learn about technology, data science, computer science, and applied statistics in the financial sector.

Typical subjects of Fintech are Application of Artificial Intelligence in Fintech, Application of Financial Big Data, Application of Financial Software, Object-Oriented Programming in Python, Data Visualization Data Bank, Financial Technology Application Project,…

2. What are the job opportunities in Financial Technology?

The development of financial technology is increasing with many innovations, such as securities, insurance, credit, payment, and money transfer.

Vietnam’s leading companies and corporations have also been actively changing to catch up with the industrial revolution. Therefore, the potential for job opportunities in Fintech is enormous. Graduates in Financial Technology can take up positions such as:

● Specialist in information system management, strategic planning, financial control, data analytics, and risk management at public agencies, technology research companies, or laboratories…

● Specialist in financial technology development, product development, or business and financial services at corporations, retail companies, e-commerce, securities companies, public service companies…

● Property appraiser, forex trader, risk analyst,…

● Specialist working at financial technology companies, technology companies, software development companies, and financial services companies

● Self-starter in financial technology

● Specialized lecturer in Financial Technology or Finance and Banking at universities and research institutes.

Financial technology companies and groups in Vietnam

According to preliminary statistical surveys, financial technology workers with good knowledge and skills have handsome incomes, ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. Job opportunities in financial technology are diverse and open; it opens to many other industries, not limited to the financial sector.

3. Financial Technology programs in some universities

Grasping the development trend and the upcoming increasing career opportunities in the financial technology industry in the future, many prestigious universities offer Financial Technology programs. For those who are interested in Financial Technology programs, below is the list of universities famous for their training quality in Financial Technology in Southern Vietnam:

● Ho Chi Minh University of Economics and Finance

● Hoa Sen University

● Ho Chi Minh University of Economics and Law

● Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City

● Ba Ria Vung Tau University

Đại học Hoa Sen là một trong những trường đào tạo ngành công nghệ tài chính đạt chuẩn chất lượng

Hoa Sen University meets quality standards in training Financial Technology

Hoa Sen University is one of the representatives with high-quality training in banking and finance with a dynamic and creative international learning environment, meeting the demand for high-quality human resources for businesses and society.

Possessing a team of highly qualified and professional lecturers, a vast network of business cooperation, and modern facilities, Hoa Sen University provides students with basic and practical knowledge of financial technology. It also equips students with practical skills to apply technology in the financial – banking sector. These help students have a clear direction for their future career development.

What knowledge and skills can students achieve when studying Financial Technology programs at Hoa Sen University?

● Master basic knowledge of social sciences, information technology, and foreign languages to improve capacity and awareness.

● Have the ability to apply the basic knowledge of economics at work or start a self-employed business

● Have skills in economic and financial transactions, analyzing and reporting financial statements at enterprises, banks,

● Use financial tools to manage financial activities and investments effectively

● Use data mining and analytics applications to analyze and manage financial data and forecast the activities of businesses, financial markets, and financial institutions.

● Have high self-awareness and self-study skills to access new knowledge of society and for the career, can flexibly adapt to a new environment.

Students need to understand their capabilities in the rapid technological change and development era and learn about their future job and career opportunities. The above article has provided some information about Financial Technology, such as Financial Technology and the job opportunities in Financial Technology. We hope the above information helps you make the right choice.