What are the career opportunities in Event Management? Is it easy to get a job in Event Management?

Event Management is one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. Its dynamic, creative, and “challenging” nature has helped the Event Management program attract many Gen Z students. So what are the career opportunities in Event Management? Is it easy to get a job in Event Management? Which school to study Event Management? Join us to “discover” this interesting field of study in the article below!

What are the career opportunities in Event Management? Is it easy to get a job in Event Management?

What can you do with an Event Management degree? What are the career opportunities in Event Management?

1. What is Event Management?

The Event Management program, also known as the event administration program, provides knowledge and skills to analyze customers and customer goals to build a professional event organization process. Event management responsibilities include planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, and handling situations before, during, and after the event.

Depending on the client’s event’s size and purpose, the event’s organization will be different. Event organization occurs in various fields from entertainment, culture, tourism, sports, business…

So, what do Event Management students learn in their training programs?

  • General knowledge and in-depth knowledge of Event Management, practical skills in event planning, management, organization and evaluation, knowledge and skills in providing design, display, and event security services…
  • Additional skills such as market research and analysis, foreign language proficiency, computer skills, teamwork skills, communication and relationship building skills, situation handling skills, and risk management skills…

2. What are the career options after studying Event Management?

The characteristic of Event Management is the coordination between people; therefore, it is essential to be able to work in a group, not isolatedly. There are many positions in the Event Management industry:

2.1. Event director

The event director is the person who holds the most important and highest role in an event organization process. The director’s duties include conceptualizing, implementing, and ensuring the event goes as planned.

The event director is the person who conceptualizes, implements, and supervises the execution of the planned event.

Event directors can be assigned to be in charge of different areas such as script, stage, music, and lighting director,…

2.2. Sales and event development staff

This job position’s duties are to advise customers on the ideas, locations, and other necessary details of the event and simultaneously convince customers to choose the event organization service of their company altogether.

2.3. Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are responsible for many tasks before, during, and after the event. The coordinator’s job is to arrange and coordinate personnel, sound, light, food, security, and all other related works to ensure the event runs smoothly.

ThS. Lê Âu Ngân Anh – giảng viên ngành Quản trị sự kiện HSU chia sẻ kinh nghiệm cho các tân sinh viên

MSc. Le Au Ngan Anh – Event Management lecturer at Hoa Sen University shares her experiences with new students.

2.4. Logistics staff (logistics)

The logistics staff in charge of event works such as carrying furniture, arranging tables and chairs, sweeping, preparing tools… This position is suitable for fresh graduates, interns, and part-time students to gain experience and practical observations to hone professional competence.

2.5. Thematic event Editor

It is one of the popular jobs; its task is creating content for the event, including script ideas, writing media content for the event…

2.6. Sound and light technician

Sound and light technicians are responsible for controlling the lighting and sound for the event.

Sound and light technician

The increasing demand for event organizations in businesses has created many job opportunities in today’s event management industry. Besides the jobs mentioned earlier, there are many related job positions for event management graduates, such as staff working at event companies, media companies, restaurants, hotels, corporations, and even at the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and state management agencies…

Therefore it is unnecessary to worry about career opportunities in Event Management. With professional capacity and passion for the job, undoubtedly, there are many career options and attractive salaries for Event Management persons.

3. Where to learn event management?

The Event Management industry has developed enormously recently. Therefore, many universities have started expanding their training programs to this field of study.

Hoa Sen University is the first school to offer bachelor’s degrees in Event Management, attracting many students to register during the entrance exams. It is a prestigious non-public school that trains an Event Management program with 03 primary majors: Sports events, Entertainment Events, and MICE.

Hình ảnh tân sinh viên Quản trị sự kiện HSU trải nghiệm thực tế tại phim trường BHD – quận 9, TP.HCM.

Fresh Event Management students of HSU are experiencing reality at BHD film studio – District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Event Management program at Hoa Sen University focuses on practice, leadership, and event organization in an international integration environment and the ability to adapt to a diverse working environment.

Throughout the program, in addition to the background knowledge, students will have the opportunities to gain practical experience to improve their professional skills. While studying at the school, students will have the chance to practice at businesses in media and events. It is a great help for students to experience reality and effectively apply their knowledge and skills.

With a team of professional and experienced lecturers in event organization and management, students will be equipped with practical knowledge and skills, ensuring output quality. Besides the advantage of an international standard learning environment, Hoa Sen students have high standard English output, helping them confidently work in multinational companies and international environments.

What are the career opportunities in Event Management? Is it easy to get a job in Event Management? Is it easy to get a job? Where to learn event management? We hope the above article has answered everything you need to know about Event Management in detail.

We hope you can consider and choose a suitable development path for yourself.