Sports Economics from A-Z: What You Need to Know

Sports Economics is a desirable and profitable industry in some developed countries. But in Vietnam, Sports Economics is a relatively new concept, and there are not many universities that offer training programs in Sports Economics. So what is Sports Economics, which universities offer Sports Economics programs, and what are the job opportunities in this industry? Find out more about Sports Economics in this article below!

What is Sports Economics?

In a narrow sense, Sports economics includes economic activities directly related to sports activities. In a broad sense, Sports Economics includes economic activities directly related to physical training and sports activities such as training and competition. It also consists of indirect sports activities such as: producing and providing goods and services related to sports (equipment, communication, marketing, securities,…).

Ngành kinh tế thể thao đang thu hút sự quan tâm của khá nhiều học sinh
Sports economics has attracted the attention of many students

Sports Economics programs will equip students with knowledge and skills in Sports service business management; Management and Operation of sports club business; Management of media and Organization of sports events; Financial consultant and Sports market operator.

What qualities are required to study Sports Economics?

Each major has its quality requirements; as for Sports Economics, students need to have some essential qualities, which are:

● Logical thinking

● Passion for business

● Enthusiasm

● Passion for sports activities

What are the career prospects of studying Sports Economics?

Graduates of Sports Economics can work in government offices, sports services businesses, schools, sports centers, or sports clubs.

There are many attractive job opportunities in businesses, organizations, sports associations or resorts, hotels, media companies, and events for Sports Economics graduates, such as:

● Sports sales manager

● Professional in sales and management of gyms, professional sports clubs

● Management specialist of sports facilities in hotels and resorts

● Sales manager of sports equipment and goods

● Specialist in sales and management of sports facilities, school sports clubs

● Specialist in sports marketing and negotiation

● Sports event organizer

● Specialist in business events, conferences, sports seminars

How to apply for the Sports Economics courses, and where to study Sports Economics?

In Vietnam, sports economics is in great demand and prospects for development and human resources. However, not many schools offer specialized training in this field. Hoa Sen University (HSU) is a pioneer in specialized training in Sports Economics at the bachelor’s level, starting to enroll students in 2021.

There are many admission methods for students to apply. Students can admit using the high school exam results in 2022 or high school transcript results (by 05 semesters or 06 semesters or by subject combination). There are also admissions based on specific conditions according to industry requirements and based on the competency assessment examination of the Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City held in 2022.

Sports Economics to debut at Hoa Sen University in 2021

The Sports Economics programs supply students with sufficient knowledge, skills, and professional competencies to understand modern sports’ organizational structure and operation. The courses will equip students with the needed skills to perform effectively in operations and management in the sports economy. Students will learn to apply skills related to leadership, marketing, finance, and economics in sports business and analyze the needs of stakeholders, including customers, partners, sponsors, and suppliers. They also know how to make business plans and manage sports and economic activity models.

Ngành kinh tế học thể thao đang nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm của các thí sinh
Sports economics is predicted to be a new trend, attracting many students.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you better understand Sports Economics. Sports Economics is a potential field of study to stay ahead of future trends. If you have a passion for this industry and feel it fits you, do not hesitate to pursue it! Good luck with your decision!