Marketing and E-Commerce: Which program is best for the future?

In recent years, with the rapid development of Industry 4.0 and career trends in economics, the question of whether to study Marketing or E-Commerce confused many students when choosing a major. Let us learn more about these two programs to make the best decision.

Marketing and E-Commerce: Which program is best for the future?

Marketing and E-Commerce, which industry has the most potential?

1. About the Marketing

In the Vietnamese language, marketing means advertising, an essential and influential activity in business. Marketing activities aim to research and approach the market, discover business opportunities, and exploit them in many ways to benefit businesses and organizations.

1.1. What are the required qualities of Marketing?

When mentioning Marketing, people will link it to the image of the market’s youthfulness, dynamism, and understanding. Following are the skills and qualities a person needs to be able to develop in the field of marketing:

● Energetic, passionate, and full of enthusiasm.

● Ability to observe, acumen in updating information and trends

● Good communication skills, persuasive ability, and flexibility in handling situations

● Creativity, having many ideas and aesthetics

● Eager to learn and absorb new things

● Good teamwork ability

1.2. What are the career opportunities after Marketing graduation?

According to statistics, recruitment demand for marketing positions has grown to 50% in recent years, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It means that the job opportunities in this industry are widely open. Students of Marketing can take up some of the following jobs:

  • Business and market research specialist
  • Customer care specialist
  • Specialist in advertising, public relations, and marketing strategy planner
  • Specialist in developing new products and managing brands and products of enterprises, companies, and organizations.
  • Specialist in purchasing, retail, sales
  • Online marketing specialist
Cơ hội việc làm của ngành Marketing rất đa dạng và rộng mở

Marketing job opportunities are very diverse and open.

2. About  E-Commerce

E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) is business activities through electronic means. In simpler terms, E-Commerce is about supply-demand, buying, selling activities, and exchanging products or services via the internet or other electronic means.

2.1. What are the required qualities of E-Commerce?

To develop in the field of e-commerce, students need to have the following qualities:

● Have a passion for technology and knowledge about IT

● Have a passion for doing business and regularly update economic trends and market fluctuations.

● Be persevere and industrious at work

● Have good communication and negotiation skills

● Be able to withstand high pressure and love challenges in a competitive environment

● Willing to learn, listen and absorb new knowledge

● Organize and manage time effectively and scientifically

2.2. What are the career opportunities after e-commerce graduation

Just like Marketing, e-commerce is one of the industries that tend to grow by leaps and bounds in many countries, especially with the rapid development of the Internet. Therefore, the job opportunity in this industry is promising and open. After graduating from university, e-commerce students can take up positions such as:

● Network administrator;

● Employees in e-commerce of international trade such as import-export, forwarder, logistics; freight forwarding…

● Import-Export sales staff, International investment consultant;

● International business administration consultant;

● Consultant on e-commerce and e-commerce security

● Designer and expert in the application of software in business

Học TMĐT, bạn có thể đảm nhiệm các vị trí liên quan đến kinh doanh online của công ty, doanh nghiệp

After studying e-commerce, graduates can take on many positions related to the online business of companies and businesses

3. Which one to choose, Marketing or E-Commerce?

Many people confuse Marketing and E-commerce for their similarities. It is also why many students wonder whether to study Marketing or e-commerce.

In fact, these two programs have developed and shared the same purpose: helping products and services reach potential customers and helping companies and businesses increase sales and profits. Both programs open up many development opportunities and job opportunities.

Marketing và thương mại điện tử là hai ngành liên quan chặt chẽ và cơ hội việc làm rất cao.

Marketing and E-Commerce are closely related and highly demanded job opportunities.

Students can choose to study E-Commerce or Marketing based on their abilities and interests. Those with passions for doing business and challenging themselves can choose e E-Commerce. Marketing will bring more development opportunities for those who love creativity and are ready to implement new ideas.

These two sectors are closely related, so no matter which programs, students must first have basic knowledge of the two sectors and then delve into each specialty they want to develop in the future.

Understanding Marketing and E-Commerce, the required qualities and job opportunities of these two potential programs significantly help students decide whether to study Marketing or E-Commerce. Besides, what training school to learn is equally important because choosing the right training school will help acquire proper professional knowledge, ensuring the best career opportunities after graduation.

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