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Best universities with Online Learning programs

In our country, many industries and fields have constantly been updated and innovated to keep up with the globalization trend. And education is one of them. It is impossible not to mention an entirely new learning model called “Online Learning”.

However, some people might still be unfamiliar with this phrase; they are concerned about Online Learning programs and worried that their degree would be discounted because it was earned online and whether it is possible to get a job with online degrees. Some are even concerned about choosing excellent and quality Online Learning universities.

Now, let’s follow the article below for all the necessary information to get the most accurate answers to the above questions.

Best universities with Online Learning programs

1. What is Online Learning at university?

Online Learning at university refers to a form of education and training through the Internet to connect the learning and teaching between learners and lecturers. This learning system does not require learners to go directly to the training institution to attend classes in the conventional sense. Lessons on Online Learning are provided on online teaching platforms. Therefore, learners can access and use the uploaded documents on the system anytime and for self-study. The interaction between lecturers and students is mainly through online support tools such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Facebook…

Still, some questions about the obstacles between lecturers’ and students’ interactions in Online Learning at university have been raised. With the explosion of social networks and the number of services and applications, exchanges and interactions between two or more people have become too easy, and it is sometimes even more convenient than face-to-face communication.

Therefore, the obstacles to Online Learning interactions are not a matter of this learning model. In addition, after each lesson, students can post questions and topics they want to learn on the forum to exchange with other students worldwide to receive valuable additional knowledge.

Also, this kind of learning model brings students many other cost benefits. With a mobile phone or laptop, they can be ready to study anytime and anywhere.

2. What’s the value of an Online Learning Degree?

Online Learning seems so easy and convenient to learn, so what is the value of an Online Learning Degree? This question is asked by many students.

According to the latest Ministry of Education and Training Circular, there is no sign of discrimination in the form of training on the university diploma; all online degree programs are treated similarly. So on that basis, all university degrees are bachelor’s degrees, except for engineering, which are engineering degrees.

Moreover, recruiters have a completely new insight into this form of training compared to 3-4 years ago. Therefore, students can be assured and confident to study Online Learning and get this prestigious degree after graduation.

3. Is it easy to get a job with an Online Learning Degree?

If this question had been raised about 03 years ago, the answer would be: “Compared to a regular degree, studying Online Learning will be difficult to compete and get a job”. However, in the present context, the quality of the degree and the recruiters’ perspectives on Online Learning Degrees have changed.

As mentioned above, the Online Learning degree is just as valid as one that may have been earned through traditional learning; holders of this degree can completely compete with other applicants.

On the other hand, the most critical factor in hiring employees from today’s recruiters is the candidates’ ability, skills, and attitude. Students of Online Learning programs can rest assured of this because they will be fully equipped with the most specialized knowledge and soft skills as a bachelor during their study.

4. How do I choose which Online Learning university to attend? Which university is the best for Online Learning education?

With the attention and investment of the state and the Ministry of Education, many schools have offered online training models. But choosing an Online Learning university among countless online training universities is not easy. Without a thorough understanding of the training program, students may feel like wasting their money when the training quality is not as expected. Here are some best-accredited universities with Online Learning systems to which you can safely apply.

Some of the best Online Learning universities:

● National Economics University

● Hoa Sen University

● University of Social Sciences & Humanities

● Ho Chi Minh City Open University

● Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – HUTECH

● Can Tho University

● Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology

● Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

● University of Vinh

● Hanoi Open University

● University of Information Technology Ho Chi Minh City

Presently, Hoa Sen University has officially launched the Online Learning training program, which applied to 6 undergraduate majors:

● Information Technology

● Business Administration

● Economic Law

●  English Language Studies

● Marketing

● Real Estate

During the long history of the school’s development, the training quality of the school has been proven through impressive numbers, such as:

– 95% of students have jobs right after receiving their diplomas

– 92% of businesses are satisfied with HSU students

– Qualified for the 5-star standard of employment criteria assessed by the UK’s QS Stars organization.

The above article has answered the question of which Online Learning university is good and helped you better understand the Online Learning program and the advantages of this training system. Besides saving money on travel, food, and accommodation costs, Online Learning students of Hoa Sen University can also study and work with the world’s top lecturers and professors.

So what restrains you from registering for an Online Learning course to bring home a prestigious degree with the massive amount of knowledge and skills from this learning model?

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