All about Computer networks and Data communications

The fourth science and technology revolution (Industry 4.0) with the core of the connection of things (IoT) and cloud computing has developed rapidly. Human resources in the Computer networks and Data communications industry is in great demand at present and in the future. Therefore, many people want to study this branch of knowledge full of potential and various growth opportunities. Let’s find out more information about Computer networks and Data communications in this article!

What is Computer networks and Data communications?

The Computer networks and Data Communications major is a part of the Information Technology faculty. This branch of knowledge will study the principles of connecting computers into networks, designing and building a global network system, exchanging information and data between components on the network, and developing network applications, web applications, and big data processing,..

Computer networks and Data communications is a hot trend chosen by a majority of students

What are the methods of admission for Computer networks and Data communications?

Currently, universities have a variety of admission methods and options for students to apply. Some universities use common admission methods, like at Hoa Sen University, students can choose from the following ways: Admission based on the results of the High School Exam 2022; Admission based on the results of high school transcripts; Admission based on specific conditions according to the course requirements and Admission based on the results of the capacity assessment exam of Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City held in 2022.

What kinds of people are suitable for Computer Networks and Data Communication?

Computer Networks and Data Communications is very suitable for those who love to explore technology and love communicating with many people without geographical limitations by connecting through a computer with an internet connection. It is also ideal for those eager to learn and update new knowledge, have good foreign language skills, excellent ability to withstand pressure, and agility and insight.

What are the learning objectives of Computer networks and Data communications?

The Computer Networks and Data Communications programs equip students with skills and knowledge about computer networks. Graduates are capable of mastering current network technologies such as electronic mail, file transmission, information communication, and the latest and most advanced technologies such as cloud computing, grid computing, mobile computing, data center operation, information safety, and security.

Computer networks and data communications program provides students with in-depth knowledge of network technologies.

Career opportunities in Computer Networks and Data Communications

Nowadays, all computers and devices need a network connection. Therefore, the job opportunities in this field are very high. Graduates with a degree in Computer networks and Data communications can have handsome salaries working in all domestic and foreign companies using networked computers. Some attractive job positions after graduating from Computer Networking and Data Communication are:

  • Engineers/experts/experts who design, deploy, operate and maintain network systems for companies, industrial parks, networks, and internet service providers,
  • System security specialists
  • Software programmers
  • System administrators
  • Security experts for website application and network system
  • Cloud system administrators (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)…

Which school to study Computer networks and Data communications?

Hoa Sen University is known as one of the best educational institutions in training Computer networks and Data communications. The course will equip students with application practice and career skills in Networking and Data transmission. Upon graduation, the students are also awarded many prestigious international professional certificates such as Cisco, Microsoft, and RedHat and have prepared for international certification exams such as MCSA, MCSE, RHCSA, LFCS, CCNA, CCNP, CEH, and CISSP…

In particular, students get to practice in professional networking labs (such as Cisco) to meet the needs of large-scale network simulations with a variety of devices, as well as take intensive English courses to keep up with the programs. Students also get to practice and work at big companies such as Viettel, VNPT, FPT, CMC, GCS – Global Cybersoft, EVN, HPT, VNG, Tiki, Maybank, HSBC…

Nguyen Thi Phuong Ngoc – alumni of Class 13 who is currently working at CMG Group, shared about Hoa Sen University: “The university always creates favorable conditions for all students to access new technologies and actual equipment in businesses. For example, high-configuration computer systems and modern labs like Cisco and Juniper are schools’ investments to ensure all graduates can work at enterprises and large corporations such as FPT, Viettel… without any confusion or re-training.”

Hoa Sen students will have access to many modern technologies and equipment.

Computer networks and Data communications plays a significant role in the development of the country’s economy in the present and the future. For that reason, Computer networks and Data communications will bring excellent job opportunities with attractive income. If you are interested in this field of study and think you are a good fit for the program, don’t hesitate to apply for admission today!