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Law of Vietnam (LuatVietnam.vn) is the first website in Vietnam that goes extensively into the topic of construction, which compiles a system of legal papers issued by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam from the time of the nation’s formation (1945) to the present. The data on LuatVietnam.vn contains the following legal documents for Vietnam: the Constitution, Law, Resolution of the National Assembly; Ordinances and Resolutions of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly; Ordinances, Decrees, and Orders of the President; and Sub-law documents of the Government, the Prime Minister, Ministries, and Ministerial-Level Agencies under the Government such as Decrees, Resolutions, Directives, Decisions, and Circulars…; The official dispatches, which serve as guidelines, from the general departments of taxation and customs, the ministry of finance, the ministry of labor, war invalids, and social affairs, etc. The Vietnam Law website offers users various practical aids in the following categories in addition to offering them efficient search options for legal documents: Translation of English text; Text Validity Lookup (helps establish whether a document is still valid); and Time to Apply a Document Lookup (helps determine when a document is published in the Official Gazette), Breaking News provides a synopsis of the text. fresh version, Free email delivery of a weekly text newsletter…

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