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The Economist
The Economist database is not a scholarly database like SAGE Journals or Harvard Business Review. Instead, The Economist is a reputable economic and political newspaper headquartered in the UK, published weekly. However, The Economist provides significant content and information on global economics, politics, and societal issues, making it a reliable resource for those interested in these matters. The Economist is renowned for its in-depth analytical articles and high-quality writing, offering independent perspectives and detailed analysis on global economic and political developments. The newspaper also frequently publishes articles on science, technology, culture, and other social topics, thereby creating a comprehensive information...
Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review database is a crucial resource on management, business, and leadership managed by Harvard Business Publishing. It is one of the leading databases providing articles, research, and analyses from top experts in the fields of business and management. Key highlights of the Harvard Business Review include: 1. High-Quality Articles: Harvard Business Review publishes peer-reviewed and high-quality articles from leading experts in fields such as business strategy, human resource management, marketing, finance, and innovation. 2. Practical Research: Articles in Harvard Business Review often have high applicability and are based on practical research, providing new strategies and methods to...
SAGE Journals
The SAGE Journals database is a rich academic resource providing access to thousands of scientific journals and research articles across various fields. SAGE Journals is part of SAGE Publishing, a renowned publisher specializing in scientific and educational research materials. Here are the key features and contents of the SAGE Journals database: 1. Diverse Scope: This database includes journals and research articles from multiple disciplines such as social sciences, medicine, engineering, arts and humanities, education, business and management, and many other fields. 2. High Academic Quality: Journals in SAGE Journals are often peer-reviewed by experts in the field, ensuring the quality...
The Bloomberg Businessweek database
The Bloomberg Businessweek database is a valuable information resource providing articles, reports, analyses, and news on business, finance, economics, and various industries. It is part of Bloomberg L.P., a global financial services and data software company. Bloomberg Businessweek primarily targets investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and experts in the fields of finance and business. This database includes various types of materials such as: 1. Magazine Articles: Articles from Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, including in-depth analyses of economic events, business trends, and success stories of companies. 2. Financial Reports: Detailed reports on company performance, market trends, and economic analyses. 3. Current News: Continuous updates...
IG Publishing
IG Publishing is a provider of academic database and e-book services, specializing in delivering high-quality academic materials and resources to libraries, educational institutions, and research organizations worldwide. Here are some key features of IG Publishing: 1. E-books and Academic Journals: IG Publishing offers access to thousands of e-books and academic journals from prestigious publishers across various fields. 2. Wide Range of Fields: The database includes materials from diverse fields such as natural sciences, engineering, medicine, social sciences, humanities, law, economics, and management. 3. High Quality: Materials are selected from leading academic publishers, ensuring high quality and reliability. 4. Powerful Search...
Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) is an online database providing access to thousands of academic books from Oxford University Press. It is a valuable resource for researchers, lecturers, students, and anyone interested in various academic fields. Here are some key features of Oxford Scholarship Online: 1. Large number of academic books: OSO offers access to over 20,000 titles across different academic fields. 2. Diverse fields: Includes areas such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, law, and many others. 3. High quality: The books on OSO are published by Oxford University Press, one of the world’s leading academic publishers, ensuring high...


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