Hoa Sen University

Statista database

Statista is a database of market and consumer data that includes:

+ More than 1 million statistical data aggregates, complete reports for simple viewing and use (in XLS, PPT, PNG, PDF) from more than 22,500 sources

+ More than 41,000 research data + More than 200,000 market forecast data for 160 countries

+ More than 7,000 profiles created by professionals in the market research industry

+ Over 16,000 infographics (official infographics frequently appear on Forbes, WSJ, Financial Times,… Plus Market statistics, consumer behavior, demographics, and other consumer polls

+ Prospective research information on the digital market and consumer surveys in many countries worldwide

+ APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Bluebook automatic citation styles platform that spans sectors and offers information on more than 600 industries

– Access link: Click here
– User guide link: Click here

Send an email to nho.tranminh@hoasen.edu.vn for assistance if you find problems or need more information about the Statista database during the trial time.

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