At 18:30 on December 22, 2020 at Hoa Sen University’s main campus, a music night named “Adult Stories” took place for 20s. This is a program from the students of class 0200 within the framework of the subject Introduction to Event Management by Lecturer Nguyen Thi Trung Trinh.

With a rather “special” name, the event conveys lovely and pure messages from young people in their twenties. Deadlines are fast, worries for the future at the age of “badger back” will sometimes drain positive energies, so “Adult Story” has brought moments of peaceful sharing, a The night revived the “enthusiastic child” inside every audience present in the auditorium that day.

Music night with the participation of:
_ INDIE Prince – Vu
_ Singer The Bao with hits such as “Towards the rain”, “Hey baby…I’ll be quiet”,”That’s life”,…
_ Dinh Nho Khoa – Singer known for the song “Tra Sua”
_ TCX Band – a band from the College of Arts and Culture
_ B2C Club – a group of students who are passionate about dance from Hoa Sen University.

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