Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – New valedictorian in English Language Studies at the 39th Graduation Ceremony, Hoa Sen University

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The 39th graduation ceremony of Hoa Sen University has ended with many unforgettable impressions. Along with the ranks of excellent freshmen, possessing extremely outstanding achievements, we cannot fail to mention Ms. Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – valedictorian in English Language Studies, with a GPA of 3.6/4.0.

Previously, Ms. Phuong Nga excellently received the title of Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador – April 2022 certified by IIG Vietnam Education Organization – National Representative of the American Institute of Educational Testing (EFT). ) in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

More specifically, Ms. Phuong Nga once participated in the 12th grade British team of Trung Vuong High School and won the third prize in the City-level English HSG exam. After that, she achieved a score of 9.8 for English in the 2017 university entrance exam.

According to Ms. Phuong Nga sharing about her learning experiences at HSU: “The school environment at HSU is dynamic and modern, I see that the school organizes many workshops to share with students a lot of knowledge and skills. including learning English.The teachers at HSU are all experienced and dedicated to their students.It is the knowledge of the language and the skills developed by the teachers that have helped me a lot in consolidating and improving my English skills” – Phuong Nga shared her experiences while studying at HSU.

Once again, let’s congratulate our new Head of English Language Major, Majoring in Business Communication and Business English!

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