Hoa Sen University students top the South in the 2022 English Olympiad

Recently, HSUnstoppable, the team from Hoa Sen University participating in the 2022 National English Olympiad, has excellently taken the lead in the list of teams entering the final round of the Southern region.

The video of the HSUnstoppable team in the second round of the National English Olympiad 2022
Hoa Sen students advance to the final round of the Southern region of the National English Olympiad 2022

The 2022 National English Olympiad with the theme “Vietnamese Students: Aspiration and Creativity” officially kicks off in June 2022. With a spirit of enthusiasm and positivity, Hoa Sen University immediately organized contests to select outstanding and typical students and represent the school to participate.

Students of the HSUnstoppable team – Hoa Sen University

After two rounds of intense competition with 77 teams from universities and colleges across the country, the HSUnstoppable team consisting of students from the Faculty of Languages – International Cultures, entered the regional final round of the National English Olympiad 2022, excellently becoming the top representative of the Southern group.

The image is taken from HSUnstoppable’s video.

From here, the HSUnstoppable team will officially participate in the Regional Finals, which will take place on October 15, 2022. The final round promises to bring highly fresh, enthusiastic, and creative images from the HSUnstoppable team.

This is also a testament to affirming the international standard bilingual university environment, training generations of students to master professional knowledge and practical experience, and good foreign language ability to integrate into the world market.

Let’s review some pictures of the HSUnstoppable team:

The 2022 National English Olympic Competition was held with the theme “Vietnamese students: Aspiration and Creativity.” The contest promises to be a playground where the teams shine and affirm the creativity, spirit, and aspirations of Vietnamese students and their confidence and ability to use English fluently. The regional final round will also be the next challenge to select the best teams to advance to the national final round.

Once again, Hoa Sen University congratulates the HSUnstoppable team for their enthusiastic participation in the competition and for bringing impressive achievements to the University, wishing you all the best in the final round of the competition.