Find an effective way to study at University at UNI-TECHNIQUES: STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER

Webinar Series [Student’s Mind – Student’s Life] officially ‘opens’ the first episode with the participation of a talented friend Tran Thi Bich Lien – 4th-year student of English Language Studies – Psychology (dual degrees) – with the theme UNI-TECHNIQUES: STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Have you ever been disoriented by the difference between high school and university? Do you have difficulty balancing study time and leisure time?

Come to UNI-TECHNIQUES: STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER – the ‘guideline’ to help you have the most meaningful university time.

At Uni-Techniques, with Bich Lien’s companion, you can listen to the most effective learning methods at the University level and learn about ‘actual combat’ experiences in your career and the best practices and memorable experiences in extracurricular activities.

In particular, the talk show is held entirely online. There’s nothing better than spending a weekend at home and listening to exciting stories, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the excellent profile of speaker Bich Lien:

Education: English Language Studies – Psychology (dual degrees)

  • Bronze Medalist, National Internet Olympiad in English, Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam (2015).
  • Golden Lotus for Execellent Student, Hoa Sen University 2021-2022.
  • First Prize and Style Awards, Booktalk 2022, Faculty of Languages – International Cultures.
  • Psychology Mentor (2022) & Head of Project Development (2021), Think On Summer Camp
  • Project Coordinator, Centre for Service-Learning, Hoa Sen University
  • Program Developer, Mirror Mirror – Arts for Equality.
  • Project team leader with the guidance of Assoc. Prof. To Minh Thanh’s research on teachers – learners, “Integrating the Use of Audio-Visual Aids into Teaching & Learning Productive Skills: Teachers’ and Students’ Views at Hoa Sen University”.
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