Hoa Sen University

FIT-HSU Students visit the offices of the world’s leading auditing and consulting firm – PwC

This is one of the activities to prepare for the upcoming graduation internship of the final year students of MIS and MMT. This activity allows you to experience, observe the reality, better understand the careers you are pursuing, and practice and work at PwC.

At the afternoon visit on June 21, 2022, the student group of Information Technology faculty led by two lecturers Bui Ngoc Le and Phan Dinh The Huan met and discussed with Mr. Pho Duc Giang – Service Manager Cybersecurity and security consultant with senior managers and experts in Cyber ​​security at PwC. At the beginning of the exchange, Mr. Huynh Thai, the representative of the Human Resources Department, introduced information about PwC globally and PwC in Vietnam. Next, Mr. Giang and senior managers and experts shared a lot of useful information about career orientations related to Cyber ​​Security, Information risk, etc in detail and enthusiastically to students.

Faced with direct and frank questions from students about internship and job opportunities, what do you need to prepare to be able to join PwC? Mr. Giang’s experts affirmed that the attitude of inquisitiveness, willingness to accept new things, and not being afraid to challenge is the most important factor to help you be appreciated compared to other candidates and the opportunity is always open, as long as you can express yourself and dare to try.

After the exchange session, you were taken to visit the staff room to help you have a more realistic view of how PwC’s daily working environment works. The delegation of HSU students then said goodbye and bid farewell to PwC on the ground floor, successfully ending the tour.

The time of more than 2 hours does not seem to be enough to answer all the questions of the students, but it is enough to convey important messages and valuable advice and experiences from the managers and staff top experts. This is a great and valuable experience opportunity for MIS and MMT students, helping them to look back and prepare the best possible luggage for the upcoming graduation internship at the company.

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