At VNG, nurturing and developing young talent seeds is always a top priority. Wishing to accompany and keep the passion burning with Vietnamese students, VNG brings the VNG GAMING SCHOLARSHIP 2022 scholarship program – awarding valuable scholarships to young people who are interested and oriented to develop in the field. promising gaming industry. Scholarship Program Information 💁‍♂️ Who can apply: Students at universities across the country. Having passion and good thinking in the field of games, having a career development orientation in this “million dollars” industry. 🎓 Opportunity: 05 scholarships worth 10,000,000 VND each will be awarded to 05 students...
Student reviews about Company Tour VNG
One of the best experiences for me since entering the university lecture hall was the company tour yesterday, specifically VNG. Going to the field like that brings a new approach and opens up many new perspectives for myself (I think my friends do too). During that trip, I was able to learn and gain more knowledge and experience as well as increase my understanding. By the way, my name is Thuy Duong, I am currently studying at the Faculty of Information Technology of Hoa Sen University. Mr. Phong and the faculty of the Faculty, who understand the psychology and as...
Students majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Data Communication Computer Networks (MMT) visit the offices of the world’s leading auditing and consulting firm – PwC
This is one of the activities to prepare for the upcoming graduation internship of the final year students of MIS and MMT. This activity allows you to experience, observe the reality, better understand the careers you are pursuing, and practice and work at PwC. At the afternoon visit on June 21, 2022, the student group of Information Technology faculty led by two lecturers Bui Ngoc Le and Phan Dinh The Huan met and discussed with Mr. Pho Duc Giang – Service Manager Cybersecurity and security consultant with senior managers and experts in Cyber ​​security at PwC. At the beginning of...
In the first half of 2022, the Faculty of Information Technology – Hoa Sen University (HSU) has had many exciting, useful, and practical extra-curricular activities for students such as organizing workshops, and visiting results. Connecting businesses, creating a playground through Mobile App Challenge 2022, Sam Sung Innovation Challenge 2022. The most recent highlight event is the fact that four students of the IT faculty Nguyen Dang Khuong, Truong Hoang Duy, Nguyen Vo Dang Cao, and Nguyen Manh Hung (GDSC team) won the top place in Google’s Solution Challenge 2022. Students on a tour of the company PwC Students in the...
Pepper student graduated valedictorian
This morning, Nguyen Hai Bang received a diploma with the title of valedictorian in computer engineering from Hoa Sen University. The special thing is, that Bang is only 1.2m high, nestled in the middle of the forest, dressed in costumes. By suffering from a disease related to the pituitary gland since childhood, he did not grow in height as normal people, when he was in elementary school, his friends often made fun of him. Realizing that he is different, Bang tries to learn more. From high school, friends no longer tease but help a lot. The degree is a good...
Female Developer Innovation Tournament 2022
HOT NEWS:  Female Developer Innovation Tournament 2022 – The total prize of 130,000,000 VND and a chance to fly to SINGAPORE This summer, Code Like A Girl – Vietnam brings you the FDI Tournament 2022 which promises to be hotter than ever. This is a big event that takes place every year intending to encourage and inspire young girls to pursue the field of Information Technology and become talented programmers in the future. This year’s contest received support from many media partners, including the Australian Consulate General in Vietnam, and received sponsorship from two leading companies in the field of technology and...


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