Hoa Sen University

Pepper student graduated valedictorian

This morning, Nguyen Hai Bang received a diploma with the title of valedictorian in computer engineering from Hoa Sen University. The special thing is, that Bang is only 1.2m high, nestled in the middle of the forest, dressed in costumes.

By suffering from a disease related to the pituitary gland since childhood, he did not grow in height as normal people, when he was in elementary school, his friends often made fun of him. Realizing that he is different, Bang tries to learn more. From high school, friends no longer tease but help a lot.

The degree is a good student for 12 consecutive years, choosing software engineering because he thinks that this industry is less mobile, and suitable for his physical condition and appearance. But next week, Bang will officially work at a bank as an application operator.

“This job requires a lot of travel and customer contact and I feel like it” – Bang said.

From Cô cử nhân câm điếc và hành trình yêu thương của người cha – Tuổi Trẻ Online (tuoitre.vn)

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