Hoa Sen University



  • BM.01 – Application for temporary leave of absence from school
  • BM.02 – Application for withdrawal from school
  • BM.03A – Application for extension of suspension period
  • BM.05 – Application for confirmation of study status
  • BM.06 – Application for course exemption
  • BM.07A – Application for exemption from English and Second Foreign Language courses
  • BM.07B – Application for exemption from national education and physical education (with certificate)
  • BM.08 – Application for exemption from physical education (without certificate)
  • BM.09 – Application for consideration of exemption from practicing physical education and national education
  • BM.10 – Application to postpone inspection between semmester (not centralized)
  • BM.11 – Application for postponement of Final exam
  • BM.11A – Report with application to defer final exam
  • BM.12 – Application for postponement of exam reporting Graduation Internship, Graduation Thesis, Scheme
  • BM.13 – Application to cancel the decision to postpone the exam
  • BM.14 – Application for updating replacement subjects, DE replacing DV
  • BM.15 – Application for alternative subjects
  • BM.16 – Application for alternative subjects for Graduation Internship and Graduation Thesis
  • BM.17 – Application for special examination
  • BM.18 – Application for exam score improvement
  • BM.19 – Application for re-grading Final grade of semester
  • BM.20 – Application for score adjustment
  • BM.21 – Application for counting DE subjects
  • BM.22 – Free Elective subject application form
  • BM.26 – Application for transfer from Hoa Sen University to another school
  • BM.27 – Application to transfer another school to Hoa Sen University
  • BM.28 – Application for confirmation of admission scores
  • BM.29 – Application for issuance of copies of diplomas and certificates
  • BM.31 – Application for a Course Outline
  • BM.32 – Application for adjustment of personal information
  • BM.33 – Application for transcript
  • BM.34 – Application for extension of study period
  • BM.35 – Application for exam due to a decision not to open the subject in the semester
  • BM.36 – Application to cancel the course
  • BM.37 – Application to change subject class
  • BM.38 – Course registration form with prerequisites
  • BM.39 – Application for deferment of tuition fees
  • BM.42 – Application for exemption from boarding while studying National Defense Education


  • Documents for re-admission
  • User manual for the second major
  • User manual for changing majors or majors

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