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In the first half of 2022, the Faculty of Information Technology – Hoa Sen University (HSU) has had many exciting, useful, and practical extra-curricular activities for students such as organizing workshops, and visiting results. Connecting businesses, creating a playground through Mobile App Challenge 2022, Sam Sung Innovation Challenge 2022. The most recent highlight event is the fact that four students of the IT faculty Nguyen Dang Khuong, Truong Hoang Duy, Nguyen Vo Dang Cao, and Nguyen Manh Hung (GDSC team) won the top place in Google’s Solution Challenge 2022.

Students on a tour of the company PwC

Students in the company tour VNG

Gateway project – GDSC group, top 3 best projects of the competition

Google’s Solution Challenge 2022

In addition, the success of the workshop series with diverse topics is a new trend in the digital transformation era, attracting a large number of participations from students, high school students, and other subjects who care about it. The guests are leading experts from famous multinational companies in the world such as PwC, Amazon Web Service, Epam Systems, and famous enterprises in Vietnam such as VNG, Nam A Bank, etc. Le Dinh Phong – Dean of Faculty of Information Technology – Hoa Sen University has helped provide a lot of useful information for students in orientation and planning a future career.

Let’s review the main content, practical and valuable sharing from special guests in this series of seminars:

Tour de Sen – From IT to AI (25/02/2022)

Opening with Knocking on Sen’s door #7 – Tour de Sen – From IT to AI, with guests from Amazon Web Service, Mr. Vu Tran – Director of Strategic Accounts, and friend Nguyen Tuan Kiet – Alumnus of Engineering software engineering. The program has provided an overview of the field of Information Technology, one of the fields of study that is being “hunted”, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with that, the Career Fair Asia event in the field of Cloud Computing and free courses of Amazon Web Services (AWS) taking place from February 21, 2022, to March 30, 2022, attracted a large number of participants. A large number of students attended.

AWS is one of the world’s leading corporations in providing public cloud services (Public Cloud). In addition, AWS is also a strategic training partner of the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) – at Hoa Sen University since 2021. The partner will provide courses taught in Vietnamese completely free of charge for students of the Faculty.

For detailed information about courses, please click here.

Exploring an IT career with a Fast-Growing Global IT Company

Following the series of events, the workshop “Exploring an IT career with a Fast-Growing Global IT Company”, took place at You Rock Studio hall on March 12, 2022, with three guest speakers from EPAM Vietnam: Mr. Trung Nguyen, Resource Manager; Mr. Rahul Ahluwalia – Senior Business Analyst; Ms. Thu Dang – Talent Acquisition and a large number of students attended directly as well as through the fanpage of Hoa Sen University and the Faculty of Information Technology – Hoa Sen University.

At the conference, the guests introduced students to the working environment, the importance of information systems and global employee support systems, as well as the skills needed for necessary equipment when you want to join a multinational IT company.

To view the details of this conference click here.

Become a game developer

“Become a game developer” is a topic that many young people are very interested in with the presence of guest Mr. Vo Toan Thuan from Vinagame Company (VNG) – one of the famous companies providing entertainment products and leading games in Vietnam, and a Game Developer, friend Hoang Viet Tuan – an alumnus of the Faculty of Information Technology, took place online on April 15, 2022.

At the seminar, students had the opportunity to update a lot of interesting information about the game market as well as the skills needed to prepare to enter this field. The guests had a very open conversation and sharing, ready to answer a lot of questions from students about this exciting career direction.

To view the details of this conference click here.

Digital transformation and information security – Business Survival

The seminar “Digital transformation and information security – Business survival” took place on April 23, 2022, at the Nguyen Van Trang Head Office, attracting nearly 200 participants who are lecturers, and students. With special guests from PwC – a Big 4 enterprise specializing in world-renowned auditing and consulting services – and South Asia Bank – from the financial and banking sector, the consumer representative represents a strong digital transformation in Vietnam. Speaker information:

Mr. Pho Duc Giang – Director of Cybersecurity and Security Consulting Services, PwC Company.

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Tuyen – Deputy General Director – Nam A Bank.

At the workshop, experts helped participants answer questions such as “What is digital transformation? What is the purpose of digital conversion? In digital transformation, what role does information security play? What are the opportunities for professions and especially the information technology industry in this era? What is the situation of digital transformation in Vietnam and especially in the banking sector?

More details of the conference can be found here:

From Data Science to Artificial Intelligence

And the last seminar to close the workshop series of the Faculty of IT, “From Data Science to Artificial Intelligence – From Data to Artificial Intelligence” took place on May 28, 2022, in hall room 605 Nguyen Van Trang, Hoa Sen University. With the speakers are Mr. Dang Trung Tin – Founder & CEO of TC Vietnam (Partner of Microsoft Vietnam) and friend Nguyen Tuan Kiet – an alumnus of Software Engineering – Faculty of Information Technology – Hoa Sen University.

This is a professional seminar that has attracted great attention from students interested in the field of data science. The time of 3 hours did not seem to be enough to answer all the questions of the participants, but it also helped bring a clearer view to the students about the reality and opportunities of data science.

To view the details of this conference click here.

Thus, the series of five seminars in diverse fields of information technology has ended successfully, partly meeting the desire of the Faculty of IT to bring a lot of practical, useful, and informative knowledge about careers. As a result, it helps IT students see the full picture of information technology application issues as well as career opportunities in many fields such as Digital Transformation, Information Security, and Artificial Intelligence. creation, to how to become a professional game programmer as well as the knowledge needed to be able to become a member of today’s multinational companies. Getting acquainted with experts, and guests from companies helped them gain confidence to challenge with many career opportunities from leading companies. The series of seminars also helps students of all disciplines realize the importance of each profession they are studying and respond to the trends of society in the 4.0 era.

There are many other interesting and useful activities that the IT department is continuing to carry out to bring many necessary experiences and practical lessons to students. Stay tuned and look forward to the next activities of the IT department – at Hoa Sen University.

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