The year 2022 marked the 50th year of establishment the India-Vietnam diplomatic relations. For the year 2023, this Consulate is taking one step further to strengthen this relationship, especially in the education sector. To start off, this Consulate is proposing a seminar with a view to promoting India to Vietnamese students in general and students of Hoa Sen University in particular so as to help the students gain more knowledge and information about those leading sectors and fields in India.

Hoa Sen University has always been a top school for teaching and training elite students in a wide range of majors in economics, international business, business administration, finance and banking, and IT. The Consulate believes high-quality teachers, professors as well an excellent environment are those factors that help HSU to be one of the best schools in all of Vietnam and this is the result of constant improvement in the quality of teaching, network expansion of business connections, and international cooperation.  

In view of the above, the Consulate would like to kindly request HSU to co-organize a 60-minute Seminar named “India – Way of reaching out to the world” with the students. The seminar will have the presence of experts to share and interact with students about topics regarding the global economy and logistics in the global supply chain. It is believed that the knowledge which shall be shared in the event will benefit the students in their career path.

• Time: 9:30 – 11:00 hrs, Thursday 23 rd March 2023/ Thứ 5, 23/3/2023
• Location: Hall of Hoa Sen University/ Hội trường 204 Đại học Hoa Sen

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