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In the competitive context of international integration, Vietnam’s Logistics industry requires the development of high-quality human resources in terms of skills, expertise and foreign languages. To meet the needs of businesses, students majoring in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Hoa Sen University have many advantages in terms of career prospects upon graduation.Let’s take a look at these advantages together!!– Training program meets FIBAA international standards (Switzerland);– A team of experienced and reputable lecturers in the Logistics industry;– Students cultivate knowledge, develop skills and Logistics operations according to international standards through competitions, field trips, and internships at businesses;– In particular,...
Do you want to know why Shopee and Lazada generate huge revenue with continuous “exploding” transactions? Or what’s special about Tiki’s 2-hour delivery service?
The answer will be answered when you choose E-Commerce. Let’s find out what Hoa Sen University’s E-commerce can bring to you!!✅Membership of the Vietnam E-commerce Association creates opportunities for students to participate in national competitions and expand job opportunities✅ A team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers from businesses bring multi-dimensional perspectives and real-life situations to the classroom.✅Students are guided to create practical applications.✅Students can set up an internet business platform from year 2 and generate real revenue..✅Hone professional skills in the E-commerce industry to help students be ready for the recruitment market.✅Access and use leading platforms and technologies such...
“PRACTICE” certificates required for FLIT #2 students
Hello FLIT students, the “PRACTICE” certificate series required for FLIT students is back. Today we come to the necessary certificates for you in International BusinessStudents majoring in International Business have very wide career opportunities such as Import-Export Officer, International Financial Planning Specialist, International Market Research Specialist, International Marketing Specialist, Specialist International investment consultant, International business management consultant. So depending on what your profession is, there will be appropriate certificates. Here, FLIT introduces some certificates: CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Certificate. CMI certification is considered a senior management practice standard recognized by most of the world’s leading corporations. This certificate is for...
The certificate is not only a proof that we have enough knowledge and skills, but also helps FLIT students increase their employment opportunities. Therefore, having yourself “practice” certificates is extremely necessary. But the question is what certificates do we need??????? You don’t need to worry, let FLIT help you find some certificates to help you be more stable when you first graduate and enter the Logistics industry:The first is the FIATA certificate. FIATA certificate is a certificate issued by the Swiss Logistics professional association. This is a certificate that is always highly appreciated by large shipping lines, Logistics companies or...
The 41st Graduation Ceremony – The 41st Departures: Beyond Boundaries Within Hearts
After a colorful journey of learning and experience at Hoa Sen University (HSU), more than 1,500 new graduates will officially graduate and embark on a new journey, one that surpasses all limits. With that meaning, the 41st Graduation Ceremony has the theme “The 41st Departures: Beyond Boundaries Within Hearts”. Graduation ceremony is one of the most important moments for each person, marking the milestone of you officially becoming an “adult”, leaving the arms of your parents and teachers, and officially walking on your own. private road. During that journey, HSU is an “international airport”, a place fully equipped with knowledge,...
TET OF THE DRAGON – LOTUS IS NOT LONELY Happy Valentine’s Day, SENers!!! P/s: Below are a few moments of couples captured by the “Paparazzi squad” during HSU events! #HSU#DaihocHoaSen#HoaSenUniversity


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