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In the competitive context of international integration, Vietnam’s Logistics industry requires the development of high-quality human resources in terms of skills, expertise and foreign languages. To meet the needs of businesses, students majoring in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Hoa Sen University have many advantages in terms of career prospects upon graduation.
Let’s take a look at these advantages together!!
– Training program meets FIBAA international standards (Switzerland);
– A team of experienced and reputable lecturers in the Logistics industry;
– Students cultivate knowledge, develop skills and Logistics operations according to international standards through competitions, field trips, and internships at businesses;
– In particular, students graduating from Logistics and Supply Chain Management will receive an additional FIATA certificate issued by the prestigious Swiss Logistics Professional Association. This is a FIATA certification that is widely recognized and highly appreciated by employers in the Logistics industry globally.

  • In 2024, new students will also receive exclusive gifts from an overseas experience program before entering school when participating in the Hoa Sen Go Global Program. Register at the link: https://tuyensinh.hoasen.edu.vn/go-global/
  • Attractive privileges, don’t hesitate to sign up for HSU Logistics and Supply Chain Management consulting now ✨✨

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