Hoa Sen University

Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Logistics – International Trade aims to become one of the leading training and research institutions in Transnational and regional Business, Trade and Supply Chain Management with training programs that are international standard quality to meet the needs of businesses and organizations in the global economic environment in the new technology era.


The Faculty of Logistics and International Trade trains global citizens with knowledge, intelligence, skills and ethics in transnational business professions, making valuable contributions to the community, national businesses and create a successful, happy personal life, achieving the values ​​of WISDOM – COMPASSION – VISION


    1. Commitment to Quality: Modern and effective teaching and research methods help students achieve personal success and contribute to society;
    2. Independent thinking: Provide opportunities for students to think critically and independently in decision making and building trust.
    3. Creativity: Encourage, support and reward continuous efforts to seek knowledge and spiritual values;
    4. Integrity: Train business people, managers to be honest and trustworthy in all activities;
    5. Diversity: Help students respect differences to realize the value of diversity.
    6. Social responsibility: Train and foster business professionals who are responsible and ethical in their profession as well as socially responsible.

Philosophy of Education

Humanization, Integration, and Liberal Spirit

Educate with a sense of social responsibility, family, and self; Ensure knowledge, skills, integration, international citizenship, comprehensive development with a liberal spirit.

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