Hoa Sen University

Do you want to know why Shopee and Lazada generate huge revenue with continuous “exploding” transactions? Or what’s special about Tiki’s 2-hour delivery service?

The answer will be answered when you choose E-Commerce. Let’s find out what Hoa Sen University’s E-commerce can bring to you!!
✅Membership of the Vietnam E-commerce Association creates opportunities for students to participate in national competitions and expand job opportunities
✅ A team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers from businesses bring multi-dimensional perspectives and real-life situations to the classroom.
✅Students are guided to create practical applications.
✅Students can set up an internet business platform from year 2 and generate real revenue..
✅Hone professional skills in the E-commerce industry to help students be ready for the recruitment market.
✅Access and use leading platforms and technologies such as AI, Appsheet (Google) and Python
✅ Graduating from e-commerce major, students can work in both Digital Marketing and IT fields.
📌 📌An attractive field of study waits for no one!! Contact soon for advice and receive many attractive policies!

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