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The certificate is not only a proof that we have enough knowledge and skills, but also helps FLIT students increase their employment opportunities. Therefore, having yourself “practice” certificates is extremely necessary. But the question is what certificates do we need???????

You don’t need to worry, let FLIT help you find some certificates to help you be more stable when you first graduate and enter the Logistics industry:
The first is the FIATA certificate. FIATA certificate is a certificate issued by the Swiss Logistics professional association. This is a certificate that is always highly appreciated by large shipping lines, Logistics companies or Forwarder agents.
Foreign language certificates. Nowadays, international communication and working is indispensable for the Logistics industry. Therefore, English certificates such as IELTS certificate, TOEIC certificate, APTIS certificate… or Korean language certificates such as TOPIK Certificate, Chinese language certificates such as HSK Certificate…
Certificates in office skills. The most commonly known certificate is the MOS International Standard Office Information Technology Certificate. Levels of MOS certification:
Specialist: Certification of basic skills in Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook.
Expert: Certified advanced skills in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
Master: Certification of the most advanced comprehensive skills in using Microsoft Office.

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