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Business Exchange and Thematic Activities: “SOFT SKILLS – YOUR PACKAGE FOR SUCCESS”

Department of E-commerce – Faculty of Logistics and International Trade will organize a meeting and answer questions from the students of the class of 2022 and interested students who are studying E-commerce. Besides, the students will participate in the topic sharing session: “SOFT SKILLS – YOUR PASSION FOR SUCCESS” to help students accumulate more relevant skills during the process. participation in learning and training while studying at the Faculty.

improving skills of students majoring in e-commerce, Faculty of Logistics & International Trade

In particular, the participating students will be shared from Mr. Pham Duc Minh – FireGroup Technology Company with the topic: “SOFT SKILLS – YOUR SUCCESSFUL PACKAGE”.

Business Exchange and Thematic Activities: “SOFT SKILLS – YOUR PACKAGE FOR SUCCESS”

E-Commerce Industry

Besides that; Students will have the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs who are CEOs from 06 businesses to exchange and share more information related to the accumulation of necessary soft skills during their study at the university. to easily conquer businesses when interviewing for awareness internships and job interviews upon graduation.

Information about the meeting and business exchange:

  • Time: 13:00 on April 14, 2002
  • Location: Room 203 – Nguyen Van Trang campus

Details of the session:

Part 1: Faculty’s sharing on the E-commerce curriculum – Master’s degree Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh – Program Director of E-Commerce

Part 2: the topic “Soft skills – students’ success luggage” – presented by Mr. Pham Duc Minh – FireGroup Technology company.

Part 3: Answer questions, exchange and share experiences with students – E-commerce teachers, faculty leaders and Entrepreneurship


This is a practical activity to help students studying in E-commerce in particular and students of Logistics & International Trade in general, to actually listen to the needs of businesses. students and the important role of soft skills to help you succeed in internship interviews and job interviews later.

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