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SATORI was established in 2017, engaging in the manufacturing and marketing of beverage products, with a mission to provide consumers with more choices for a brand that not only quenches thirst but is also genuinely good for health. SATORI aspires to become an iconic brand in the beverage industry, symbolizing love and sincere care for the health of consumers, carrying the message: “Each product is an inspiration for a better life.”

Students from the Faculty of Economics – Business participating in a field trip at SATORI Long An

SATORI pioneers the application of an 8-step water purification process with ultrafiltration membranes as small as 0.01 micron. Along with the first-ever sRO remineralization technology in Vietnam, designed to retain a portion of natural minerals just enough for health.

As a result, SATORI products stand out from other purified water products.


  1. FSSC 22000 Certification
  2. ISO 2200 Certification
  3. HACCP Certification
  4. Member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)

Visiting SATORI is not just about experiencing the subject matter, but also an opportunity to witness the process of creating pure water from the initial steps:

Firstly, the process begins with blow molding the bottles from plastic, shaping the bottles, and then rinsing them with finished water. After completion, the bottles move on to the automated water filling process. This process is machine-driven, and it can produce 2000 bottles per hour.

Next is the bottle sealing stage, where the automated sealing system of the manufacturing plant takes over. Subsequently, codes, production dates, and expiration dates are printed on the water bottles. The shrink-wrap sealing step has been eliminated to maximize environmental protection.

Almost every step in producing these bottles of pure water involves the assistance of a system of machines, including labeling the bottles. The conveyor belt brings the arranged water bottles quickly and in sufficient quantities to the process of packing them into cardboard boxes. The machine seals the box from all four sides, producing a nearly perfect finished product. The production date and expiration date are then printed on the box.

Lastly, the stage of delivering the products to distributors is efficiently organized by robotic systems for neat and orderly arrangement.

With a working space surrounded by greenery, distant from residential areas, and incorporating modern infrastructure and machinery, SATORI creates an environment that enhances the efficiency and quality of its operations, aligning with business standards. The visit provides valuable insights, allowing students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in their studies to practical teaching. This hands-on experience enables them to witness positive shifts in their awareness and problem-solving skills.

This field trip provides students from the Faculty of Economics – Business at Hoa Sen University with the most authentic experience of the mineral water production process. It is a rare opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge and apply what they have learned in their coursework. Additionally, it reaffirms the learning environment at Hoa Sen University, emphasizing the core values of “Learning by Doing” and “Vibrant Experience”.

The journey concludes with memorable and enriching experiences
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