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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics – Management, Hoa Sen University!

Established in 1999, the Faculty of Economics – Management strives to become a leading unit in training future entrepreneurs, leaders, senior managers… with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign businesses, contributing to Vietnam’s economic growth.

Students of the Faculty of Economics – Management beamed at the Graduation Thesis Defense Ceremony

To achieve this goal, the Faculty of Economics – Management provides learners with highly applicable training programs. Teaching content is built and improved based on curricula from leading global business schools. In particular, the team of lecturers graduated from prestigious international schools, 40% of our lecturers hold senior administrative positions, enabling students to access diverse learning methods and quickly familiarize yourself with the business environment: group presentations, critical thinking, applied research, working in simulated offices, cognitive and graduation internships, direct exchanges with famous industry speakers…

In addition to the three programs of Business Administration, Marketing and Human Resources Management, which are recognized by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) of the United States as meeting educational quality standards, to enhance students’ global integration capabilities. The Faculty also offers bilingual academic programs in Vietnamese and English. 35% of specialized subjects are taught in English with the participation of international exchange students. To meet graduation requirements, students are required to study 12 subjects entirely in English according to their study plan. In addition, students are also given the opportunity to participate in foreign student exchange programs and international competitions (Nielsen Case Competition and PolyU Global Student Challenge).

Students of the Faculty of Economics – Management participate in an exchange program in the Republic of Austria

At the Faculty of Economics – Management of Hoa Sen University, students are free to express their entrepreneurial spirit through competitions and projects organized by themselves. Examples of these competitions and projects include: Tai Ba Administrator, HSU Business Challenge, TV Create… In particular, many students have owned projects and established businesses while still in school. In addition, the Faculty also regularly organizes entertainment playgrounds, volunteer activities, activities at the beginning of the course, and meetings at the end of the year so that students can freely express their youthful energy and increase the spirit of connection between teachers and students members, staff and students.

Faculty members provide ongoing support and mentorship for student projects
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