Established in 1999 (formerly known as the Faculty of Management and Faculty of Economics – Commerce), the Faculty of Economics and Business is the biggest faculty of the university. From 2006 up to now, the number of students registered and admitted to the Faculty has always accounted for over 50% of that to the whole school.

The mission of the Faculty is to create useful and practical experiences for students in the fields of economics and management. With the expertise and practical experience of the faculty lecturers (40% are senior managers), the studies provide students with a solid knowledge of current business, career skills, leadership, and practical global experience, contributing to Vietnam’s economic growth and community development.

Faculty of Economics – Business Members

Currently, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers young people many opportunities to learn, create and develop their future careers with professions in the fields of economics and business, such as:
– Business administration
– Human resource management
– Office administration
– Marketing
– Digital Marketing Hoa Sen Plus (basic and specialized courses are taught in English)

In addition, the Faculty of Economics and Business also tailor the courses to adapt to international trends and standards in order to enhance the international integration ability of students. Some of the Faculty’s training programs are designed in Vietnamese and English so that students can develop their skills and have more opportunities to work in an international environment after graduation. In particular, in order to graduate from the Vietnamese program, students are required to study 6 courses taught fully in English.

An Introducing TVC of Faculty of Economics – Business

Currently, because of the needs of the enterprises, the studies of the Faculty have been built based on reference to the studies from universities in developed countries. Proudly, the Faculty’s programs such as Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resource Management are officially accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)* of the United States. This is a great effort of Hoa Sen University to provide students with highly qualified studies.

The Faculty also regularly organizes many big programs such as:
– Management Trainee at Saigon Co.op;
– Management Trainee at Masan Group Vietnam;
– Workshop on “Career opportunities for Hoa Sen students in the coffee export industry”…to bring the best career opportunities to students.

Last but not least, experience is an indispensable thing for the Faculty students, providing chances to participate in many useful, creative and professional playgrounds:
– Ready to Lead 2022,
– Creative advertising movie – TV Create,
– Talented Business People,
– Commercial arena,
– Marketer 3.0,…

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