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Explosive Atmosphere at the Launch Event of HSU Business Challenge 2023

Continuing the success of HSU Business Challenge 2022, on November 29, 2023, the Launch Event of HSU Business Challenge 2023 took place smoothly and successfully.

HSU Business Challenge is a business idea competition organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. During the preparation for the competition, participating teams faced challenges related to fundraising, investment calculations, and even all teams were ready to showcase and sell their products at trade fair sessions.

Ban giám hiệu và Ban tổ chức HSU Business Challenge 2023
The Executive Board and Organizing Committee of HSU Business Challenge 2023

The purpose of the competition is to unleash the creativity in business ideas and the strong determination of students who dare to think and act. A notable aspect is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit while students are still in the university setting.

Throughout the preparation phase for the competition, 14 teams introduced their initial products at the Launching Event. Business idea products such as yogurt, panna cotta, compressed soup, fabric bags, thermal mugs, and many other attractive items were showcased in a “trade fair.” This event serves as a platform for students to engage more practically in the business world.

“The HSU Business Challenge 2023, the participating teams demonstrated a spirit of giving their all in the competition of Hoa Sen University students, especially those in the Business Administration major. With energy, skill enhancement, and the guidance of the professors, you will truly create high-value business projects. I hope that next year, we will not only limit ourselves to HSU but expand further, calling for international projects to participate in this Challenge of Hoa Sen University.” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of Hoa Sen University shared.

Closing the grand and exciting Launch Event of HSU Business Challenge 2023

HSU Business Challenge 2023 is a competition that provides Hoa Sen University students with valuable experiences and practical knowledge in the field of business. It is a great opportunity for Hoa Sen University students to develop themselves effectively and meet the increasing demands of the Vietnamese market. Moreover, it reaffirms the learning environment at HSU with the core values of “Learning by Doing” and “Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

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