Hoa Sen University


Within the framework of the collaboration between Hoa Sen University and Misa Corporation, on October 6, 2023, students from the Multichannel Sales Management class, led by Ms. Dang Truong Thuy Anh, participated in a special workshop on the topic of Misa eShop. This event is noteworthy in a series of collaborative activities between Hoa Sen University and Misa Corporation, aiming to provide practical knowledge and skills for students in the field of multichannel sales management. Additionally, it introduces MISA eShop – an advanced and effective multichannel sales platform.

The students took commemorative photos with the representatives from MISA Corporation

Through the Multichannel Sales Management class, a branch of the Marketing major under the Faculty of Economics – Business had the honor of welcoming Mr. Tran Hoang Duy Tan – Deputy Director of Retail Business Solutions at MISA Corporation. Through his insights, the workshop not only helped students learn how to use and apply MISA eShop in their work but also provided a deeper understanding of online sales trends and multichannel sales management in practical scenarios.

MISA eShop is a robust integrated multichannel sales platform that allows businesses to manage and track the entire multichannel sales process from a single point. This includes updating product information, inventory management, order processing, tracking the delivery process, and managing customer relationships.

Furthermore, the workshop also served as an opportunity for students to explore practical job prospects. Before concluding the seminar, representatives from MISA eShop announced job openings for business consultants. This not only attracted attention but also provided attractive career opportunities for passionate and capable young students interested in the fields of business and multichannel sales.

The MISA eShop Workshop has concluded successfully, leaving a positive impression on the students. Hoa Sen University and MISA Corporation hope for more collaborative activities in the future, working together to build an educational and business environment that is progressive and thriving.

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