Hoa Sen University

Haravan Multichannel Sales Management Workshop

Following the success of the Sapo and MISA workshops, on October 27, the Multichannel Sales Management class led by Ms. Dang Truong Thuy Anh had the opportunity to meet and exchange with Ms. Vo Nguyen Bach Yen Thu (Brand Marketing Manager) and Mr. Le Hong Duc (Haravan Trainer) from Haravan Technology Corporation – one of the leading companies in multichannel sales solutions and e-commerce website development.

During the workshop, Ms. Thu and Mr. Duc not only introduced students to the features and solutions that the Haravan platform offers but also shared valuable experiences and lessons learned from their real projects. These insights not only helped students understand the differences between Multi-channel and Omni-channel but also provided them with a deep understanding of the latest trends in the field of multichannel sales.

With the continuous development of the digital era market, the use of multichannel sales platforms becomes extremely important. In her sharing session, Ms. Yen Thu revealed secrets and strategies to maximize the potential of multichannel sales and build an efficient sales system. She helped students recognize the importance of integrating sales channels such as websites, social media, mobile apps, and online stores.

Through the workshop, students had the opportunity to experience and learn more about the customer journey on a website, from the product search process to the purchase decision and post-purchase experience. Additionally, the workshop provided an overview of the process of building a professional e-commerce website, from interface selection, optimizing user experience to product and order management.

Furthermore, during the workshop, Haravan also generously provided each participating student with a free Omni-channel account for 3 months. This not only served as a valuable gift but also presented an excellent opportunity for students to apply their learned knowledge into practice and engage in multichannel sales operations on the Haravan platform.

In summary, the multichannel sales management workshop provided students not only with in-depth knowledge of multichannel sales but also inspired and guided their careers in this field. The interaction and exchange with professionals from Haravan created an excellent learning and practical experience environment. Students were equipped not only with theoretical knowledge but also with practical skills and strategies for success in today’s multichannel sales environment.

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