Procedure for requesting the defense of the Master’s thesis in Business Administration

  1. Application for Thesis Defense (Form 08)
  2. Commitment to Academic Integrity (available on Form 07)
  3. Extract Information about The Thesis (Form 09)
  4. Scientific Curriculum Vitae of The Student (Form 10)
  5. Thesis (06 printed copies + 1 electronic version) (Form 07)
  6. Comments of The Thesis Instructors (Form 11)
  7. 05 Reviews of Topics for The Council Members (Form 12)
  8. Certificate of The Fulfillment of Financial and Other Responsibilities (Form 13)
  9. Documents Proving The Results of Applied Research or Information Published in Specialized Scientific Journals (If any)

Forms used in the MBA program

Form 01. Registration for the graduation thesis topic

Form 05. Request to change the topic

Form 07. Graduation thesis sample

Form 08. Proposal for thesis defense

Form 09. Extract information about the thesis

Form 10. Student’s scientific background

Form 11. Comments from the instructor

Form 13. Confirmation of completion of student responsibilities