About Us

Overview of Faculty of Finance and Banking The Faculty of Banking and Finance was officially established on April 1st, 2021, formerly known as the Department of Accounting and Finance, under the Faculty of Economics & Business (established in 1999). The Faculty has the mission of training academic knowledge and living practice in the fields of Accounting – Auditing, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Fintech and Property with a strong Faculty’s lecturers team of Masters, PhDs and experts who have undergone advanced education from the US, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. Moreover, they have also held many key positions in banks,...
We thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Finance & Bznking. For any questions, comments or feedback, please email trang.phungthaiminh@hoasen.edu.vn or call the phone numbers of the faculty offices at the facilities. CONTACT Quang Trung Campus Address: No.3, Quang Trung Software Park, District 12, HCMRoom: 005Phone: 028. 73091991 (ext 12602 – Ms. Ngọc Anh) Nguyen Van Trang campus Address: 08 Nguyen Van Trang, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMCRoom: 705Phone: 028. 73091991 (ext 11604 – Ms. Quỳnh Như)
Mission & Vision
VISION: Faculty of Finance & Banking strives to become one of the leading training and research institutions in Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Property and Fintech in Vietnam with qualified educational programs, create the highest quality that meets the needs of businesses and organizations in a rapidly changing global business environment. MISSION STATEMENT: The Faculty of Finance & Banking creates useful practical experiences for students in the fields of  Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Property and Fintech with majors such as Accounting, Auditing, Corporate finance, Banking, Investment, Insurance, property management and Fintech. The curriculum provides students with a solid foundation...
Message from the Dean
Dear beloved students of Faculty of Finance & Banking! I am very pleased to announce to all of you that the Faculty of Finance and Banking, Hoa Sen University has been established since April 1st, 2021. Our Faculty, formerly the Department of Accounting and Finance, is separated from the Faculty of Management Economics. Surely, the students majoring in Accounting – Auditing were expecting the name of their major to be shown in the Faculty’s name. I understand that very well. The school and the leadership have pondered a lot. Professional activities in accounting – auditing, after all, share the same...
Dean: PhD. Phùng Thái Minh Trang Vice Dean: MA. Đỗ Thị Hồng Hà Academic Secretary: Đỗ Ngọc Anh Administrative Secretary: Trần Quỳnh Như Communications and Students Experience Specialist: Trần Hoàng Quỳnh Anh Accounting Program Director of Program:  MA. Đỗ Thị Lệ Thu Finance – Banking Program Director of Program: MA. Nghiêm Tấn Phong  Property Program Director of Program: MA. Phạm Nhật Bảo Quyên
Why choosing FFB?
Why should you choose Faculty of Finance & Banking?Why should you become a student of the Faculty of Banking and Finance? The Faculty of Finance & Banking offers you many opportunities to learn, create and develop your future career. Here are 7 reasons you should choose the Faculty of Finance & Banking: Wide choice of majors in the field of Accounting, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Property, Fintech There are many educational majors for potential students to choose from: Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Banking, Investment Finance, Insurance, Property management & Fintech. Opportunity to study and practice with lecturers from businesses Over 80%...
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