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CURRICULUM: Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Recognized as a leading institution fostering an exceptional learning atmosphere within Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Sen University has garnered acclaim as one of Vietnam’s five exemplary establishments for tourism human resource development. This prestigious distinction, conferred by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in 2019, underscores Hoa Sen University’s commitment to excellence. We take pride in serving as a trusted hub for cultivating top-tier professionals poised to meet the demands of both the domestic and global tourism sectors.

Major: Tourism and Hospitality Management

(Program code : 8810103)

The curriculum is meticulously crafted to provide students with comprehensive insights into the realm of tourism, encompassing themes such as digital transformation leadership, lean management, service management, travel management, and sustainable practices. Furthermore, the program is structured to enhance students’ capacity to elevate awareness and adeptly address challenges encountered in executing organizational and business objectives. Graduates are equipped not only to pursue further studies in economics at the doctoral level but also to contribute effectively to industry innovation and problem-solving initiatives.

1. Enrollment candidate:

Applicants must meet the following prerequisites to be considered for admission to the Tourism and Hospitality Management program at Hoa Sen University:

  • Graduated from an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training majoring in business administration, logistics, public economic management, marketing management, or other fields related to economics.
  • Have a clear background.
  • Healthy enough to participate in the study.
  • Submit all necessary documents on time and completely according to the school’s instructions.

2. The curriculum duration:  18 months

3. Requisite knowledge: 60 credits.

4. Content of Curriculum

No.Vietnamese name of subjectEnglish name of subject
General Knowledge
1Triết họcPhilosophy
2Lãnh đạo và chiến lược chuyển đổi sốLeadership and Digital Transformation Strategy
3Phương pháp nghiên cứu khoa họcResearch Methodology
Foundation Knowledge
1Quản trị chất lượng dịch vụ du lịchService Quality Management in Tourism
2Quản trị lữ hànhTourism Management
Elective Foundation Knowledge (Choose 2 out of 4 courses)
1Quản trị sản phẩm du lịchTourism Product Management
2Quản trị rủi ro trong du lịchRisk Management for Hospitality and Tourism Management
3Du lịch bền vững & Các vấn đề đương đại trong du lịchSustainable Tourism & Contemporary Issues in Tourism
4Hành vi du kháchTourists’ Behaviour
Compulsory Specialized knowledge
1Lập và quản lý dự án trong du lịchTourism Project Plan
2Quảng bá điểm đến và thương hiệu du lịchDestination Marketing & Hospitality Branding
Elective Foundation Knowledge (Choose 2 out of 4 courses)
1Hệ sinh thái kỹ thuật số trong du lịchDigital Ecosystem in the Hospitality Industry
2Quản trị chiến lược & Phát triển quy hoạchStrategic Management & Tourism Planning
3Gia tăng Hiệu suất trong ngành Dịch vụDriving High Performance in Hospitality
1Thực tậpInternship
2Luận văn tốt nghiệpGraduation Thesis

5. Training process, requirement for graduation

Training in accordance with the Postgraduate Education Regulation 2075/QD-ĐHHS, which the President of Hoa Sen University signed on October 12, 2021.

Graduates with an MAT from Hoa Sen University must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Completion of the training program and a training program GPA of 5,5 or above overall (out of a possible 10).
  • Submit the thesis after signing confirmation from the instructor.
  • There are remarks from independent reviewers.
  • In accordance with the regulations on master training issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, the committee’s chairman and supervisor certify that the thesis has been edited in accordance with the committee’s conclusion and enclose a copy of the conclusion of the thesis review committee and the reviewers’ comments for training institutions to use as reference materials at libraries and archives.
  • The Board considers a Thesis score of 5,5 or higher to be satisfactory.
  • Have a Business Report grade of at least 5,5.
  • Publicize the full text of the thesis on the University’s website;
  • A minimum of 4 out of 6 on the 6-level foreign language competency framework for Vietnam, or an equivalent level, is required to meet the foreign language standards (Appendix I of Regulation 2075/QD-ĐHHS).

Guidelines pertaining to foreign language certifications for Master’s training programs.

6. Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete the Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management degree at Hoa Sen University acquire the following competencies:


Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of both general and specialized management principles relevant to the intricate dynamics of tourism and travel service operations. This knowledge encompasses economic, cultural, and societal dimensions, enabling students to navigate the evolving landscape of Vietnam’s burgeoning tourism sector within the broader contexts of regional and international developments.


Students demonstrate proficiency in leveraging the acquired knowledge to excel as adept managers within the realm of tourism and travel services. This proficiency encompasses the skills of analysis, evaluation, strategic planning, effective control, and inspirational leadership. Additionally, students exhibit the capability to conduct independent research, further enriching their expertise and contributing to the advancement of the field.


Students exemplify business ethics tailored to the demands of the contemporary era, showcasing adaptability in navigating the diverse and dynamic landscape of the travel and tourism service industry. Moreover, they exhibit a steadfast commitment to lifelong learning, recognizing it as a cornerstone for personal and professional growth amidst evolving industry paradigms.

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