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The Master’s program at Hoa Sen University is not just a place of learning but also a journey to inspire personal development for each individual. With core values of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Practical Experience, and Efficient Agility, we continuously strive to provide students with meaningful and valuable learning experiences, helping them become individuals who can surpass limits and become the best versions of themselves.

Alumni MBA batch 7

Mr. Nguyen Dong Tuyen, a new master of Business Administration from Hoa Sen University, has taken on the role of Human Resources Director at Lotte Saigon Hotel and Equatorial HCMC Hotel. Sharing his feelings of joy and pride after successfully defending his master’s thesis of the MBA program at the Thesis Committee on March 12, 2022, Mr. Nguyen Dong Tuyen did not forget to thank Assoc. Prof. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of HSU and the members of the Thesis Committee gave him extremely valuable comments, assessments, and suggestions, helping him gain a new perspective on his thesis topic..

Research project “Factors affecting job satisfaction in the accommodation service industry in Ho Chi Minh City” of the new MBA Nguyen Dong Tuyen, with the guidance of Dr. Le Dinh Nghi was posted on Asia-Pacific Economic Review no 605, released in February 2022. He is very grateful to his dedicated teachers who helped him lay the first foundations as well as enthusiastically guided him to complete his research topic.

The achievements are not only professional knowledge but also practical experiences and new perspectives shared by teachers, experts and classmates. Looking back on his journey to study the MBA program, the new master shared: “I would like to thank Dr. Phan Thi Nhi Hieu, Dr. Phan Vo Minh Thang, Dr. Le Minh Thanh for bringing me here.” with the Master of Business Administration Program of Hoa Sen University, one of the prestigious and high-quality programs that I had the opportunity to introduce and participate in. I would like to sincerely thank all the teachers for their enthusiasm. teaching, equipping students with more knowledge, thank all the school’s staff for contributing to creating a civilized, modern, and dynamic learning environment. I also thank my fellow students for working together. support, study together, research and complete this course together. Finally, I would like to thank my family, friends and relatives for always being by my side, supporting and encouraging me throughout the study process. as well as complete this program”

Alumni MBA batch 5 - Director of Business Development - Ngoclopoto Company Limited

Mr. Mai Thanh Hoai graduated from the Master of Business Administration program, Hoa Sen University in January 2022, and is currently Director of Business Development, Ngoc Lop O to  Company Limited (Ngoclopoto).

Research project: “The mediating role of organizational citizenship behavior in the relationship between work motivation and work results: A case study in the Vietnamese automobile tire service industry” by MBA Mai Thanh Hoai, with the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Duy Phuong was published in Ho Chi Minh City Open University Science Magazine No. 17, released in January 2022, in the list of specialized scientific journals recognized by the State Council for Professorships. . Mr. Hoai said that thanks to the valuable comments of the teachers in the Master’s Thesis Council in October 2021, he was able to adjust his shortcomings and have more ideas to perfect this topic.

Looking back on his journey with the MBA program at Hoa Sen University, Master Mai Thanh Hoai shared: “The MBA-HSU is a program worth investing time and effort to improve knowledge and leadership capacity. The subjects have been tested for quality and the knowledge content is extremely useful. The lecturers are all experienced, enthusiastic in conveying knowledge and connecting theory to practical application. Copy I myself have worked in a management role for many years, however, coming to HSU’s MBA program, I have learned many new things, expanding my horizons. The more I learn, the more I like it! “

Alumni MAE batch 1 - Tourism Consultant - Manager, Global Bridge Education Co., Ltd

Originally a bachelor of Hoa Sen University, Ms. Tran Luu Hoang Ngoc Van Trang is also one of the first students of the school’s Master of English Language training program. Currently, she is working at Global Bridge Education Co., Ltd. in the position of Tourism Consultant – Manager.

After a period of studying and researching in the field of Translation and Interpretation, Ms. Van Trang chose the topic “An analysis of the Vietnamese equivalence of negation in “THE CALL OF THE WILD translation” for her Master’s degree thesis. . With the guidance of Associate Professor, Dr. To Minh Thanh, she excellently won the highest score at the Master’s Thesis Defense Council in English Language in December last year. This research work was also published in International Journal of TESOL & Education, Vol.2, No.1, released in March 2022.

Hoa Sen University’s Master’s Program in English Language has given her the opportunity to expand her knowledge and share experiences with teachers, students and industry experts through classroom discussions and seminars. events and specialized activities. Ms. Van Trang shared: “The Master’s Program in English Language has rich, practical and in-depth content. I am very fortunate to be able to study with reputable lecturers, rich in practical experience and specialized knowledge. Extensive subject matter and at the same time very enthusiastic and dedicated to students.”

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