Hoa Sen University

About Us

Founded in 1991, Hoa Sen University stands as a distinguished institution renowned for its multidisciplinary approach and pioneering ethos in liberal education. Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, it is esteemed for providing an unparalleled learning environment. Since 2015, the university’s Master’s programs have been meticulously curated to embrace the evolving landscape of the digital age and economy, ensuring relevance and currency of knowledge.

In February 2021, a pivotal decision was made to formally establish the Institute of Graduate Training, underscoring the institution’s commitment to delivering superlative educational experiences and meeting the escalating demands for excellence and scale in education.

On July 1, 2022, the Institute underwent a transformative change, rebranding as the Institute of Graduate Studies & Leadership. Embracing its new identity, the Institute now focuses on nurturing graduate and doctoral students, fostering academic and applied research, and instilling a culture of integrity-driven leadership. It also actively engages with businesses across the city and the nation, enriching the pool of high-caliber human resources and contributing to socio-economic advancement.

Presently, the Institute of Graduate Studies & Leadership at Hoa Sen University offers Master’s programs in Business Administration (MBA), English Language Studies (MAE), and Tourism and Hospitality Management (MAT). It remains steadfast in its pursuit of providing a dynamic, efficient learning environment, complementing the university’s esteemed Master’s training programs. Beyond academic enrichment, the Institute fosters practical experiences through seminars, talk shows, and community engagement events, enhancing the holistic development of its graduate cohort.

Founded in 1991, Hoa Sen University is a multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral and pioneering university with innovative, entrepreneurial training programs and is also rated as one of the best universities with the best learning environment in Ho Chi Minh City. Starting in 2015, the Master’s programs of Hoa Sen University have built the program’s foundation and are always up to date with new knowledge, in line with the trends of the digital age and the digital economy of society. In February 2021, Hoa Sen University signed the Decision to formally establish the Institute of Graduate with the desire to provide the best...
Learning Environment
Located in District 1, the city center, Hoa Sen University is always proud to be one of the universities possessing outstanding modern facilities and teaching equipment. Coming to the “lecture hall without a podium”, students will experience a cohesive and close learning space between lecturers and students. With the motto of promoting application, Hoa Sen University’s Master’s programs are designed to balance providing general specialized knowledge and equipping students with problem-solving abilities. Skills to flexibly apply theory to real business environments. With the training program content being standardized and highly applicable, students also have the opportunity to participate in lessons...
Student Experience
The Master’s program at Hoa Sen University is not just a place of learning but also a journey to inspire personal development for each individual. With core values of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Practical Experience, and Efficient Agility, we continuously strive to provide students with meaningful and valuable learning experiences, helping them become individuals who can surpass limits and become the best versions of themselves.
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