Hoa Sen University

Learning Environment

Located in District 1, the city center, Hoa Sen University is always proud to be one of the universities possessing outstanding modern facilities and teaching equipment. Coming to the “lecture hall without a podium”, students will experience a cohesive and close learning space between lecturers and students.

With the motto of promoting application, Hoa Sen University’s Master’s programs are designed to balance providing general specialized knowledge and equipping students with problem-solving abilities. Skills to flexibly apply theory to real business environments.

With the training program content being standardized and highly applicable, students also have the opportunity to participate in lessons with CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs at businesses along with the Harvard Business Review curriculum (Master of Business Administration); practical learning sessions at 5-star tourism businesses (Master of Arts: Tourism); Highly academic workshops (Master of Arts: English study) will bring quality and brand to graduate programs at Hoa Sen University.

Modern and diverse library system

Students have access to a library system with more than 75,000 book documents; nearly 4,000 electronic documents; 25 titles of domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines; 12 of the world’s leading commercial databases such as ScienceDirect, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, ACS, Springer Nature, ProQuest Central, IG Publishing, Scopus; Over 50 selected open academic databases fully serve the needs of teaching and learning. In addition, the school library is also equipped with computers connected to the Internet and free wifi system so that students can easily look up information and search for documents.

Elite community

Throughout the course, students will be taught by instructors with high professional qualifications and rich practical knowledge. The school also regularly organizes specialized workshops and talk shows, with the participation of many experts in the field and famous entrepreneurs. In addition, thanks to the school’s close connection with a team of experts, businessmen and alumni associations, students participating in the courses will have more opportunities to participate in alumni clubs and research competitions, scientific research, international forums.

Students participating in the Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts: English study, and Master of Arts: Tourism programs at Hoa Sen University also have the opportunity to expand relationships and create networks. Connect professionally with successful entrepreneurs from well-known corporations, businesses, and alumni with many years of experience in the profession… through activities and events organized by the Graduate and Leadership Institute held regularly and throughout the year. From this community, students will broaden their horizons and increase their opportunities to work and cooperate with many domestic and foreign organizations.

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