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Project 01: Reflective Teaching
This is a research product of students, under the guidance of Lecturers of the Department of American English Culture, Department of English Language – HSU. We are proud and respectful of their learning and research achievements…
The 3rd Vietnam International Workshop
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ms. To Minh Thanh spoke at the 3rd VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP, held from August 2-4, 2017 with the topic “English sentences starting with “there” and equivalent expressions in Vietnamese. “. The 3rd International Conference on Vietnamese Studies is scheduled to be held in Binh Chau, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam, under the chairmanship of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Science and Project Management, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. Presentation summary: English sentences that start with there, also known as their structures, are not just...
Workshop on “The job skills needed for today’s translators from the perspective of a global translation company.”
In today’s era of Science and Technology, social networks have turned the world into a shared community. Besides, translation software in technical translation is increasingly developed to help a translator choose translation forms according to his capacity and preferences. To learn more about the professional translation environment, please come to the seminar “Necessary job skills for today’s translators from the perspective of a global translation company” with the presence and advice of a representative of STAR VIETNAM SOFTWARE & TRANSLATION COMPANY LIMITED. Time: 9:00-11:00, Saturday morning, December 5, 2015 Location: 08 Nguyen Van Trang, NZ 901 Interested students, please register...
Wine Talk Show
Wine, a topic both familiar and unfamiliar to all KS-DL-NH students, it is hard to say with confidence whether your knowledge of wine is enough, more or less, or our wine market. What is Vietnam like today? With the desire to provide in-depth knowledge about wine and the career market in this field, the Faculty of Linguistics & Cultural Studies organized the talk “Sharing in-depth wine knowledge” by two speakers. They are presented by Mr. Tran Quoc Thanh – A wine expert, and Mr. Nguyen Hoa Tan – director of market development, Phu & Em Company. Time: 8:30 a.m., Saturday,...
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference of the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (AsiaCALL–2-2021)
The Semantic Change of RA and VÀO in Vietnamese in Contrast to Their Equivalents in English Authors Duong Tran Van1, * 1Department of English/American Language and Culture, Hoa Sen University, Viet Nam *Corresponding author. Email: Corresponding Author Duong Tran Van Available Online 24 December 2021. DOI to use a DOI? Keywords ra; vào; conceptualization; orientational metaphor; container metaphor Abstract This study investigates the semantic change of the two words denoting spatial orientations RA and VÀO in Vietnamese, in contrast to their translation equivalents in English. Originally expressing spatial meanings, these words have gradually been used to represent abstract concepts. This...
The Need for Exposure and Meaningful Use in Foreign Language Teaching
Abstract: As second language teachers, we often think teaching grammar is necessary and we tend to overlook the crucial need for meaningful exposure in language learning. With the help of one particular study (Hong, 2005), I will show that even the best type of explicit grammar instruction to teach the use of articles in English did not result in the desired effect at all. In fact, there is very little to no empirical evidence that teaching grammar leads to effective use of a particular item. On the other hand, we do know that the amount of exposure to and meaningful...


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